10 places where you can party during the week in Budapest (2024)

10 places where you can party during the week in Budapest (1)


10 places where you can party during the week in Budapest (2)

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2023.09.11. 17:04

Ruin pubs, boat parties and dancing from dusk till dawn – Budapest’s nightlife scene is always buzzing. And if you’re looking for a place where you can let loose on a weekday, the city still doesn’t disappoint, as there are many hangouts that will happily host a partygoing crowd during the week as well. Here’s our list of places to check out for a party on a weekday in Budapest.



1072 Budapest, Akácfa utca 49-51.

Több infó



Ruin bar

Indoor concert venue

Concert venue


When in Budapest, Instant-Fogas is where the party’s at, as for those visitors who like to make merry, this ruin bar complex is a must-see place. With altogether seven unique rooms and an open terrace – offering everything from rock to hip-hop, pop, Latin music, techno and R&B, even concerts, you’ll surely find a room that suits your mood. The unique and surreal décor and design will give you a taste of Budapest’s famous ruin bar scene, and going from party to party in this maze of spaces, you can mingle with an international crowd and meet fellow travellers who are in Budapest for stag or hen dos, Erasmus or Euro-trips, as well as people who fell so in love with the city that they've just never left. And the best part is that the massive Instant-Fogas complex – located on Akácfa utca in District VII – is open 6pm-6am every day, and there’s no entrance fee. (x)



1117 Budapest, Petőfi híd budai hídfő

Több infó



Indoor concert venue

Concert venue



A38 is rightfully renowned even beyond Budapest, as it is a concert venue, cultural space and restaurant in one, floating on the Danube aboard a repurposed former Ukrainian cargo ship – by the foot of Petőfi Bridge on the Buda side served by the frequent 4-6 trams. While it is primarily – but not only! – a live concert venue, A38 fills the nights with parties too and DJs often play music on the upper deck, from where the panorama to beautifully illuminated South Pest is lovely. Follow their website for the best concerts in town.


Budapest Park

While Budapest Park is a huge open-air space and therefore only operates in summer, it cannot go unmentioned because it brings a real festival atmosphere into town during the warmer months every year. In the evenings, major local and international acts step on stage here, while afterwards, parties take place under the open skies until sun up on different dance floors. As partying at Park really feels like being at a festival, you'll find plenty of bars and street food spots available, a truly mixed and friendly crowd and an atmosphere as laid-back as it gets. Open between 6pm and 4am Friday-Saturday and 6pm to 2am Sunday-Thursday.



1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 1A quay

Több infó



Concert venue


outdoor concert venue


PONTOON by the Chain Bridge is another funparty place hosted on a boat moored on the Danube. In the evenings, live music often plays on the upper deck, but come nightfall, the atmosphere changes and parties take over. At PONTOON, the drinks are delicious, the kitchen serves heartydishes and pizza and the view to the Buda side is absolutely breathtaking. This is the perfect place to listen to live acts with a drink in hand during sunset and then dance the night away to DJ sets as the Danube lazily flows below. PONTOON is open 5pm-4am every day, and entry is free.


Morrison's 2

1055 Budapest, Szent István körűt 11.

Seven dance floors, 10 bars, a karaoke room, beer pong, foosball,tasty drinks and screens that broadcast the hottest sport events – what more could you need for a great night out in the city? Morrison’s 2 has it all, and getting there is super easy on the frequent 4-6 tram – just get off at Jászai Mari tér. This huge party place is open between 6pm and 5am Monday-Saturday all year round – the garden is heated in winter – and it’s best to arrive early, as entry is free before 9pm, and you can also purchase unlimited drink packages from as little as 14 euros from 6pm. Look out for other regular events and discounts on their website. Our tip: if you want to sound like a local, just call it ’Mori’ (Maw-ree). (x)



1117 Budapest, Vízpart utca 1

Több infó




Concert venue



For several long years, Dürer Kert has been a haven for Budapest’s underground and alternative crowds, and during the pandemic, it moved to the Buda riverside to occupy some more place and therefore offer even more fun. There’s a real garden party atmosphere here where people play board games and dogs run around during the day, and when the nigh falls, concerts rock the stage and DJ parties take place. Head here if you want to hang out with a local crowd and keep an eye on their big assortment of events. Dürer Kert is open 4pm-2am on Monday and Wednesday, 4pm-5am on Thursday and Friday and 1pm to 5am on Saturday.



1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 10.

Doboz is areliable party placein downtown Budapest,open all year round between 5pm to 6am. There’s aruin bar atmospherehere – in the inner courtyard, one of the district’s oldest trees is towering sky high, hugged by an enormous wooden gorilla with glowing eyes. On the two sides, a duo ofdancefloorsawait partygoers withDJs playing the hottest hits. DOBOZ offersgreat co*cktailsand other tasty drinks, and if you get hungry after dancing, you can pop into theirstreet food barfor a bite to eat.


Füge Udvar

1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 19.

If you just don’t want to wait until sundown to start letting loose, you can pop intoFüge Udvarfrom as early as 4pm– and even pull and all-nighter if you’re up for it, as the place staysopen until 4am every day. You can start with a drink and some games, as you’ll findbilliard,table tennis,foosballanddartshere, as well as some funarcade gameslike air hockey, flipper, boxing, basketball and guitar machines and more. And when the sun sets, the party begins onfour dancefloors– each playing different music. The drink menu includes everything you’d expect from a party place, and if you need something a bit more substantial, they offerfood cooked on the spotlike burgers, salads and bar snacks, so there’s really no reason not to stay here from dusk till dawn. (x)



1051 Budapest, Zrínyi utca 4.

Több infó




Located in a beautifully renovated 19th-century building in the heart of the city, Ötkert offers a slightly more polished experience for partygoers than its quirkier ruin-pub-themed counterparts. DJs usually spin discs here across two rooms, playing pop, hip hop, Latin music, reggaeton tunes, as well as the best songs of the ’90s and ’00s, and there’s also a spacious terrace for quieter conversations that is heated during the colder months. For an even more sophisticated experience, you can opt for the exclusive VIP area. Ötkert opens when the party starts at 11pm each night and keeps going until 5am. While there’s no dresscode, and Ötkert is not too fancy, be sure not to turn up in flip flops or anything inappropriate to avoid getting denied entry.



1051 Budapest, Széchenyi tér 7-8

BoB, or Bacardi Original Bar is achic party place in downtownwith a gorgeous view to nighttime Budapest. Whether you’d just like to down a few drinks with your friends while enjoying the atmosphere, throw shapes until dawn on the dancefloor or book a table in theVIP sectionand just sit back and relax, BoB has got you covered. Openbetween 8pm and 5am Wednesday to Saturday. ExpectR&B,hip hop,Latinandrap partiesand atrendy crowdof locals and foreigners alike.



ruin bar


live music


dürer kert

budapest park





füge udvar

morrison's 2


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10 places where you can party during the week in Budapest (2024)


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