17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (2024)

17 Easy and Adorable Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas

When our 10-year old announced she wanted a unicorn valentine box this year for her Valentine party, my mouth said, “OK.” And as soon as she smiled and walked out of the room, I was left alone thinking, “oh great, a unicorn box. That should only take us 17 hours to figure out.”

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What happened to the good old days when you took a brown paper bag into school, scrawled your name across it with a broken crayon, and called it a day?

Luckily though, I have a Pinterest account. A mom’s secret weapon against all things sounding overly-crafty and complicated. In less than the time it took the one lone tear to fall down my cheek while dreading the valentine unicorn crafting marathon, I had found 17 amazing unicorn valentine box ideas.

So if your little ones decided they wanted a unicorn valentine box this year, too, well then you’ve found not only a sympathetic ear here, but some fab ideas to save you as well.

Typical Supplies for DIY Unicorn Valentine Box Crafts

First things first! Supplies. Each of these valentine boxes will have their own unique supply list, but that said, there’s a lot of commonality.

If you’re hoping to do one of these crafts quickly, you’ll be better prepared with a few of these basic supplies on hand:

  • box(es) of choice: tissue boxes, shoe boxes, or cereal boxes can all work
  • acrylic paint
  • craft brushes
  • colorful felt
  • assorted pom poms
  • colorful yarn
  • hot glue/hot glue gun
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • white cardstock, construction paper and/or scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge
  • paper towel or toilet paper rolls

Beyond Unicorns: More Fun Valentine Ideas

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17 Creative Ideas For Your Unicorn Valentine Card Box

1. Basically Beautiful

One of my favorites on this list, this unicorn valentine box made by Alice & Lois is basic without looking that way. It’s quick to construct and requires only basic materials your probably already have at home.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (2)

2. Unicorn Craft Made Simple

Brit + Co. has a quick video to show you how to make an adorable DIY unicorn valentine box. Check it out below:

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (3)

3. Customized Kit

I like this version because from It Happens in a Blink because they take a shortcut by using an inexpensive unicorn kit. If you’re looking for one of the quickest versions of this project, go for this one!

The caveat is that it will require a bit of pre-planning because you’ll need to buy the kit online and make sure it arrives in time to complete your project!

4. Magical Mini-Mailbox Makeover

Want something a little outside the box? How about a mailbox? The Keeper of the Cheerios (whose blog name I happen to love, don’t you?) writes a very detailed tutorial to make a mailbox-variety unicorn creation…and check out that super bedazzled unicorn horn, and those glittery rosy cheeks!

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (5)

5. Double Deckered Dazzle

Toni at Design Dazzle will show you how to create an over-the-top, multi-level unicorn extravaganza of crafty valentine fun.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (6)

6. Curly Crown

Complete with glittery ears and ribbon curled hair, here’s another sweet option to consider, this one via Artsy Fartsy Mama!

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (7)

7. Unicorn Having a Very Good Hair Day

This darling unicorn is having a VERY good hair day, don’t you think? Best part about this valentine box is that you can download the free printable elements you’ll need to complete it over at Skip to my Lou! Easy breezy.

PLUS, if you REALLY want to go all-in on the unicorn valentine theme, she has insanely adorable free printable unicorn valentines for you over there as well.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (8)

8. Presto! A Unicorn Box from Paper Plates!

This is a unique take on a unicorn valentine box from I Heart Crafty Things! It’s made from paper plates, and the instructions have very simple steps, so check it out! I love the gold glittery crown and flower crown.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (9)

9. Made with the Magic of Duct Tape

Amy at DIY Candy shows you how to craft this one using Duck Tape.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (10)

10. Magical Masterpiece

Leave it to Hello Wonderful to create such a masterpiece! Your kid walks into school with THIS unicorn box?! #showstopper

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (11)

11. Tutu Terrific

Kaylin Meredith, AKA @thebentobaker took this popular valentine box idea to the next level, and created a ballerina unicorn box, complete with a terrific lil tutu.

12. Teal, Pink and Purple Pal

Hit the easy button and purchase the printable supplies needed for this adorable box from @firstiesquared at their Teachers Pay Teachers store. Or just try to bust your own move. Either way, this box will surely bring a smile!

13. Colorful Crown

Passion for Savings created this cute valentine’s day box, adding a cute crown of artificial flowers for a colorful tiara.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (12)

14. Pom Pom Perfection

I love all the color and texture in this adorable valentine box presented by Plaid, complete with a 3-D nose, colorful yarn tail, and pom-pom embellishment.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (13)

15. Rainbows Rule

@kudzomonsterprintables version is rainbow-y bright. You can purchase the printable kit, and then customize the colorful unicorn just the way your kiddo wants it.

16. Large and In-Charge

Check out this little (actually kinda big) sweetie, made with multiple boxes, and some felt fun created by the Craft Box Girls.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (14)

17. Paper Flower Pleasers

I couldn’t stop myself from including this cute unicorn valentine’s box from Mom Brite.

17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (15)

There you have it, Mama! 17 unique valentine’s day box ideas for every unicorn lover to choose from! Pick one of these fun unicorn crafts and have fun bringing it to life with your little one this month! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pin this post for later! And if you make a unicorn card box you saw here, leave a comment (or better yet, a photo) on the pin! That helps others know whether they want to try one of these fun ideas, too!

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17 Most MAGICAL Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas to DIY (2024)


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