36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (2024)

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Valentine's Day may only be celebrated for 24 hours, but nothing says you can't go all out for the day of love—especially if you have an itch to tackle Valentine's crafts. Crafts for kids are always great, but they don't have to be just for little ones. Nowadays, adults and kids alike can get in on the joys of crafting, especially around V-Day. Homemade Valentine's card ideas are one way to tap into your creative side but fun crafts—either as easy decorations or thoughtful homemade gifts—are another way to put your imagination to work.

On February 14, in addition to (or instead of) Valentine's Day gifts for him, consider getting crafty. What are some good Valentine's crafts? This list of craft ideas (with supply lists and instructions) has Valentine's Day crafts for kids, teens, and adults—and many are good for all ages. (Do be sure little ones are supervised at all times while crafting.)

For teens or tweens just getting into crafting, they'll love making these crafts as decor or affordable gifts for friends. Younger children will enjoy helping you or working on a few crafts by themselves. Involve little ones in decorating or stringing garlands; if they're attending a school party or you're hosting one at home, they'll love pitching in to get the party space Valentine-ready. Pick your craft, gather your crafting supplies, and get started!

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Gold Tone Box

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (1)

Any time is a good time for color-blocking. Make a color-blocked box for a modern-looking gift that fits into even the most minimalist home.

What You'll Need

  • Rectangle box with hinged lid
  • Plastic wrap
  • Gold spray paint


  1. Cover a portion of the box in plastic wrap, ensuring it fits tightly. You can experiment with how you wrap the plastic—diagonally or straight—this will determine the gold-tone design.
  2. Spray paint the box. Remove the plastic wrap once the box is completely dry.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Conversation Heart Brooches

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (2)

Colorful enamel pins have once again become a go-to accessory. Create a fun version for Valentine's that will look right at home on a jean jacket or backpack.

What You'll Need

  • Natural wood heart shapes
  • Acrylic paint in bright colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Mini alphabet stamps
  • Glue
  • Small pin backs


  1. Paint the heart shapes with bright acrylic paint, let dry, then add the phrase of your choice with mini alphabet stamps.
  2. To complete the craft, glue on small pin backs.

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Candy Heart Balloons

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (3)

Customize balloons for a more personalized set of decorations for your V-Day party.

What You'll Need

  • Inflated Mylar heart-shaped balloons (available at party supply stores)
  • Vinyl stick-on letters (available at office supply and craft stores)


  1. Purchase inflated heart-shaped balloons from your local party supply store.
  2. Attach stick-on letters to each balloon in phrases commonly found on conversation hearts.

Craft developed by Blake Ramsey.

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Glitter Box

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (4)

We could all use more glitter in our lives. Use a durable box for your base for a long-lasting bit of sparkle.

What You'll Need

  • Small square box with lid
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Chunky glitter


  1. Apply a thick layer of glue on the top of the lid with a paintbrush.
  2. Sprinkle the glitter onto the lid. Let it dry completely.
  3. Apply another layer of glue and glitter onto the box.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Pop Up Heart Box

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (5)

Bring your gift box to life with hearts that seem to fly off the lid.

What You'll Need

  • Cardboard rectangle jewelry box with lid
  • Scissors
  • Pink, purple, and red construction paper
  • Glue dots


  1. Cut out heart shapes in assorted sizes. For a small box, you'll need about 30 shapes.
  2. Adhere the hearts to the box with glue dots, layering them on top of each other and in different directions.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Conversation Heart Key Ring

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (6)

Molding clay—and your favorite conversation heart phrases—are the key to this fun Valentine's craft.

What You'll Need

  • Molding clay
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Stamp with small letter stamps or cookie-cutter letters
  • Hole punch or awl
  • Keyrings


  1. Roll out molding clay to approximately ¼-inch thick.
  2. Cut a heart using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Stamp (being careful not to cut all the way through) a phrase. Use the hole punch or awl to make a hole in one corner for the key ring.
  3. Bake in the oven according to the clay's package instructions. Let cool completely before attaching the keyring.

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Fringed Box

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (7)

If you're passing out goodies—store-bought or homemade, it doesn't matterhelp dress them up a bit with a homemade (and reusable) container.

What You'll Need

  • Round tin box with lid
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


  1. Cut ¾-inch wide strips of tissue paper.
  2. Fringe the strips horizontally, making each fringe about ¼-inch apart.
  3. Glue the strips onto the lid of the box, starting from the bottom of the lid and layering each strip upwards.
  4. Trim any excess tissue paper from around the lid.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Heart Tote Bag

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (8)

Take conversation hearts a little further by embellishing a plain canvas bag with bold pop art that looks like the popular heart-shaped candy.

What You'll Need

  • Plain canvas tote bag
  • Heart stencil
  • Adhesive letters
  • Paint
  • Foam brush


  1. Tape a heart stencil to the bag, spell out your message using adhesive letters in the center of the heart, and then paint over the letters to fill the heart shape.
  2. To create clean lines, use a foam brush and dab with up and down strokes rather than side-to-side swipes.

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Etched Glass

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (9)

Kids can be involved in the stencil-making step of this craft, creating whatever design or image they like. To make this a gift for them, stencil their initials or name.

What You'll Need

  • Craft knife
  • Contact paper
  • Tape
  • Plain glass
  • Paintbrush
  • Glass etcher


  1. Make a stencil using a craft knife and contact paper. The design can be your initials, a heart, or another Valentine's Day symbol.
  2. Adhere the contact paper stencil to the glass cup.
  3. Using a paintbrush, apply glass etcher to the inside of the stencil, directly on the glass.
  4. Remove the contact paper. The etcher will have eaten away at the glass, and you'll be left with a beautiful design!

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Heart Top Truffle Box

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (10)

Gift homemade chocolate truffles in a homemade box—what could be more apt?

What You'll Need


  1. Print and cut out the box template. Trace and cut out from the cardstock.
  2. Assemble the box, folding the paper where the single lines appear on the template. Cut slits where the bold line appears on the template—this will help you fasten the heart top together. Secure the sides of the box with a glue stick.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Conversation Heart Crayons

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (11)

Making crayons may sound like a difficult and dangerous project, but with a bit of adult supervision, it's a great way to recycle those broken nubs you have floating around in the craft bin.

What You'll Need

  • Round or heart-shaped baking tray
  • Extra or broken crayons
  • Stamp with small letter stamps or cookie-cutter letters


  1. Remove wrappers from the crayons, break them into small enough pieces to fit in the tray, and fill to the top (use multiple colors to create a fun marbled effect).
  2. Use the stamp or cookie cutters to add your favorite conversation heart phrases.
  3. Bake at 300 F for approximately 15 minutes. Once cool, remove the crayons from the mold.

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Washi Tape Box

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (12)

Make good use of playful washi tape patterns with this easy Valentine's Day craft.

What You'll Need

  • Small box with lid (can be rectangle or square)
  • Assorted rolls of washi tape


  1. Use the washi tape to create designs on the lid and the base of the box. Get creative with the design and color combinations—try a grid or diagonal pattern.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Emoji Box

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (13)

Group-chat buddies and kids alike will love getting some treats in a box topped with their favorite emoji.

What You'll Need

  • Round tin box with lid
  • Yellow, pink, and black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-stick tape


  1. Trace the lid of the box onto the yellow paper. Cut out.
  2. Cut out two hearts from the pink paper and a "smile" shape from the black paper.
  3. Place the yellow circle onto the lid and secure it with double-stick tape or glue. Attach the heart eyes and smile onto the lid to create a face.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Conversation Heart Gift Boxes

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (14)

If you've already picked out an amazing gift for your Valentine, get creative with the wrapping. Transform a regular heart-shaped box into something reminiscent of the flavors in a box of conversation hearts with a layer of brightly colored paint—white, mint, pink, orange, yellow, and purple.

What You'll Need

  • Plain heart-shaped box
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint
  • Stamps
  • Red ink
  • Permanent marker


  1. Paint boxes (inside and out). Allow to dry fully.
  2. Once dry, use stamps and red ink or red permanent marker to add your own sweet messages to the lids.

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Handmade Valentine's Day Party Invite

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (15)

Even a low-key get-together should be unforgettable. Call on the kids to help create this hands-on Valentine's party invitation, which, we admit, may get a little messy.

What You'll Need


  1. Download and print the invite.
  2. Place newspaper on a flat surface. Let your child dip their hands into the paint, pressing handprints on the invite. Set aside to dry.
  3. Fill in party details.

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Valentine's Day Party Cup Stickers

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (16)

Every festive occasion needs a signature drink. Whether serving chocolate milk or apple juice, turn paper cups into adorable party props with these custom stick-on labels.

What You'll Need

  • Cups
  • Customized labels (download) {PDF}
  • Blank labels


  1. Download the labels and print them on sticker paper. (The labels will come with printing instructions.)
  2. Pop onto cups or let kids pick their own.

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Blooming Cupcake Liners

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (17)

Roses are red, violets are blue—your little Romeo is ready to woo. How can they prove that their love is for keeps? Start with a handmade bud that will stand the test of time. (Pro tip: It's best to keep this flower out of water.)

What You'll Need

  • Cupcake liners (in assorted colors)
  • Craft knife
  • Pipe cleaners (in green)
  • Craft glue or hot glue


  1. Pile 5 to 6 cupcake liners on top of one another. Using a craft knife, poke a hole through the center of the stack.
  2. Take one pipe cleaner and apply a dab of hot glue to one end. Then secure one cupcake liner to the glue. Set aside to dry.
  3. Once the glue has dried, scrunch the liner closed to create the look of a flower bud.
  4. Repeat step 2 with the additional liners, sliding them onto the same pipe cleaner, securing them with glue, and scrunching them together.
  5. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the base of the bloom, and bend the pipe cleaner to create a leaf shape.

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Pixie Stick Hearts

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (18)

Cupid has some cute competition. Make an assortment of mini hearts and let the kids give them to friends, classmates, and family members.

What You'll Need

  • Construction paper or colorful paper stock
  • Scissors (you could also use pinking shears or fancy-edged scissors)
  • Metallic ink pens
  • Pixie sticks
  • Craft glue


  1. Cut out an assortment of hearts from the paper. Fold the hearts in half and make a small circle in the middle (this is where the pixie stick will slide through).
  2. Ask kids to design their hearts with drawings or lovable phrases.
  3. Slide the pixie sticks through the hearts.
  4. On a separate piece of paper, draw and cut out arrowheads and backs. Attach the top and ends of the bows with glue. Set aside to dry.

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X and O Treats

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (19)

Snacktime just got mushy. With these festive-shaped treats, it'll be love at first bite on Valentine's.

What You'll Need

  • Ingredients for making treats (marshmallows, rice cereal, butter)
  • Food coloring (if you wish)
  • Wax paper
  • Valentine-themed cookie cutters


  1. Follow the recipe for making the treats (this can be found on the back of the cereal box). Add food coloring to the mixture, if so desired.
  2. Cover a flat surface with wax paper. Transport the mixture onto wax paper and flatten it out. Create designs using cookie cutters.
  3. Set wax paper on a tray and pop it into the fridge.

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Sweetheart Hair Pin

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (20)

Surprise your little one with a new accessory that coordinates with the party theme.

What You'll Need

  • Adhesive felt sheets (in pink, red, and white)
  • Scissors (you can also use pinking shears or fancy-edged scissors)
  • Craft glue
  • Metal single-prong hair clip
  • Scrapbooking bows (These are small, pre-made, adhesive-backed. Available at your local craft store)


  1. Cut out heart shapes from felt. Make an assortment in two sizes.
  2. Remove the adhesive backing and layer the smaller-sized heart on top of the larger-sized one. For extra security, dab a bit of craft glue.
  3. Once dry, flip over (small heart facing down) and attach the larger heart to the metal clip. Secure and set aside to dry.
  4. Finish off by popping the bow on top.

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Pasta Valentines

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (21)

Playing with food is strongly encouraged for this crafting session. Let kids create homemade and heartfelt sentiments from uncooked, heart-shaped pasta (or any noodle that catches your fancy).

What You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Construction paper or colorful paper stock
  • Crayon or colored pencil
  • White craft glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Heart-shaped pasta
  • Spaghetti (to make the stem)


  1. Cover a flat surface with newspaper. Ask kids to write (or draw) their messages on colored paper.
  2. Brush glue on one side of the pasta hearts with the paintbrush. Using the line drawings as a guide, attach uncooked pieces to the paper. Set aside to dry.

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Heart-Sewn Valentines

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (22)

There's sew much love that goes into making this pint-size paper heart. (It's quite simple if you download our easy-to-print template—promise.) You can set this craft up and kids can do the sewing themselves.

What You'll Need

  • Heart template {PDF}
  • Colorful paper stock
  • Scissors
  • Screw punch (awl or thumbtack will also work)
  • Large blunt needle
  • Yarn


  1. Download and print the heart template.
  2. Using a screw punch, follow the pre-made heart shape and pierce holes over each dot in the paper stock.
  3. With a large blunt needle, sew yarn through the holes.

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Glittery Snow Globes

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (23)

Turn an empty household jar into a memorable Valentine's Day keepsake in a few simple steps.

What You'll Need

  • Empty jar (for this project, almost any size will work: olive, baby food, pickle)
  • Craft glue
  • Floral foam in thin brick size (available at craft stores)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glitter


  1. Glue floral foam to the jar's lid. Set aside to dry.
  2. Create heart-shaped designs out of pipe cleaners. Once work is finished, stick them into the foam strip.
  3. Fill the jar almost to the top with water. Add glitter.
  4. Attach the lid to the jar; shake it up.

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Decorated Cookies for Valentine's Day

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (24)

Traditional party fare with a twist: Before digging into those sugar cookies, let your mini Picasso do a little drawing (or scribbling) with food-safe markers.

What You'll Need

  • Wax paper
  • Cookies
  • Food-safe markers or pens


  1. Place wax paper on a cool, dry counter, or tray. Place cookies on top.
  2. Using the special food-safe marker, let kids design their own cookie creations.

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"I Like You a Latte" Mug

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (25)

To involve kids in this craft, let them handle the mug decoration: Less refined (aka more scribbly) designs will let them show off their artistic sides.

What You'll Need

  • Plain white mug
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Red sharpie
  • Rag


  1. Clean the exterior of the mug with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Using a Sharpie, write, "I love you a latte" on the front.
  3. Let the mug sit for 24 hours.
  4. Put it in a cold oven and set it to 450 F. Once the oven reaches temperature, bake for 45 minutes.
  5. After 45 minutes, turn off the oven, but leave the mug inside until it has completely cooled.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Felt Heart Dish

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (26)

Big kids might be able to pitch in with this craft; for little ones, have them sit this one out. They'll love it as a keepsake either way.

What You'll Need

  • Double-sided fusible interfacing
  • Iron
  • Felt (in at least two different colors)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper
  • Scalloped scissors
  • Needle and thread


  1. Iron a piece of double-sided fusible interfacing onto a piece of felt and cut out a heart—this heart will be the inside of the dish. Be sure to consult the fusible interfacing instruction manual.
  2. Cut out a paper circle.
  3. Peel the backing of the fusible interfacing off of the smaller heart, place the paper circle in the center of the heart, and iron the entire shape onto a contrasting felt piece.
  4. Cut around the smaller heart leaving a small border. Use scalloped scissors to create a scalloped edge.
  5. Cut darts at the top and bottom of the heart.
  6. Stitch the edges of both darted areas together with a needle and thread.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Valentine's Necklaces

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (27)

Let little ones decorate these necklaces as they like; they'll love handing them out at their Valentine's Day party.

What You'll Need

  • Small wooden hearts
  • Jewelry chains
  • Paint pens
  • Dremel


  1. Purchase small wooden hearts and jewelry chains at your local craft store.
  2. Use paint pens to decorate the hearts—you can use our designs as inspiration, but feel free to personalize them for your Valentine.
  3. Then, use a Dremel to drill a hole in the top of the heart and insert the chain through.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Coffee Filter Garland

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (28)

Make a simple garland from items you probably already have around the house for a subtle festive flair on Valentine's Day.

What You'll Need

  • Large glass bowl
  • Acrylic paint
  • Large commercial coffee filters
  • Wax paper
  • Small glass bowl
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Colorful baker's twine


  1. In a glass bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of paint into 2 cups of water.
  2. Dip the entire coffee filter into the paint mixture, and then lay it flat on wax paper.
  3. Add more paint to a small glass bowl. Dip the paintbrush into the paint, dripping, splattering, or brushing onto the wet filter to create a unique design. Allow to dry on the wax paper, about 2 hours.
  4. Fold the coffee filter in half and, starting at the folded edge, cut out a half-heart shape. Unfold.
  5. Punch out two holes at the top of the heart, one on each side. Thread hearts onto twine.

Craft developed by Blake Ramsey.

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Doily Candle Hurricane

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (29)

Making gorgeous, festive hurricane glasses is an easy, fun way to pass a few hours—and if it fits into your home's decor, you can keep them on display year-round.

What You'll Need

  • Glass hurricane
  • Heart doilies
  • Double stick tape
  • Scissors
  • Wax or parchment paper


  1. Attach doilies to the bottom half of glass hurricanes using double stick tape. You can play with the design by overlapping or trimming as desired.
  2. Use scissors to cut wax or parchment paper to fit the outer surface of the hurricane. Wrap around and secure with double stick tape.

Craft developed by Blake Ramsey.

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Cork Coasters

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (30)

For a Valentine's craft that's both pretty and functional, try these DIY coasters.

What You'll Need

  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • 4-inch cork squares (available at office supply and craft stores)
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Thin masking tape (or stickers)
  • Acrylic paint in 4 colors
  • Paintbrush


  1. Draw a heart shape onto the cardstock (make sure your heart is less than 4 inches in size) and cut it out.
  2. Place the cardstock heart onto each cork square and use a pencil to trace the shape. Use a craft knife to cut out each heart. (Tip: Use a cutting mat or a thick towel underneath the cork to protect your work surface.)
  3. Lay 2 pieces of thin masking tape across the cork heart to create a unique pattern.
  4. Paint each resulting section with a different color of paint.
  5. Allow the paint to dry, about 1 hour, and remove the tape.

Tip: To create hearts (or other shapes) skip the masking tape and adhere stickers to the cork board instead. Then paint the entire cork square with one color of paint. Once dry (about 1 hour), remove the stickers to reveal your design.

Craft developed by Blake Ramsey.

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Cupcake Toppers

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (31)

Dress up tasty cupcakes with this simple DIY.

What You'll Need

  • Pink cardstock
  • Black cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Toothpicks


  1. Cut out heart shapes from the pink cardstock.
  2. Cut out two small circles and one small half-moon shape from the black cardstock.
  3. Glue eyes and mouth onto the heart. Let dry (about 5 minutes).
  4. Glue a toothpick onto the back of the heart. Let dry (about 5 minutes).

Craft developed by Blake Ramsey.

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Decorative Flower Vase

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (32)

Same old pink stems? Not this year. This bunch of roses is arriving in a creative container.

What You'll Need

  • Vase
  • Decorative paper
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon


  1. Wrap the paper around the vase and cut to the necessary size. Adhere paper to the vase with tape.
  2. Get creative and layer ribbon for an extra special touch. Then add flowers.

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Frame with Chalkboard Paint

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (33)

Doodles today, "I love you!" tomorrow. This is the perfect Valentine's Day craft for someone who likes to change things up daily.

What You'll Need

  • Frame
  • Newspaper
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Chalk


  1. Place the frame on the newspaper in a well-ventilated area. Paint the frame and let it dry.
  2. Pop in a favorite photo. Using the chalk, write your special Valentine's Day message.

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Paper Garland Strands

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (34)

The kids might be sick of making paper snowflakes, but they're sure to rally behind these new shapes and colors.

What You'll Need

  • Assorted paper
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • 2" scalloped-shaped hole punch


  1. Fold 3" to 6" paper squares in half and cut a half heart from the fold.
  2. Thread the needle and string hearts together through the top center of the folded paper hearts.
  3. Using the scalloped hole punch, make shapes from paper. Thread the needle and string through the opposite sides of each scalloped paper.
  4. Add as many hearts and scallops as it takes to reach your desired length.

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Mix and Match Votives

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (35)

Give those scraps of paper headed to the recycling bin a second shot to shine. This idea works with all kinds of paper—even your kids' artwork.

What You'll Need

  • Votives
  • Assorted paper
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Washi tape
  • Ribbon


  1. Wrap paper around the votive for sizing; cut to the necessary length. Adhere strips of paper to the votive with double-sided tape.
  2. Be creative and have some fun. Wrap some with just paper and layer others with ribbon and washi tape.

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Paper Flower Wreath

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (36)

Think tissue paper is only destined for gift boxes? Think again: This winter, we're putting it on display.

What You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Floral wire
  • Styrofoam wreath
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut tissue paper into 8"x 5" rectangles. Placing the lighter colors on top, stack 4 to 6 pieces of tissue paper on top of one another. Make ½" to 1" accordion folds, creasing with each fold.
  2. Fold floral wire and put it over the center of folded tissue and twist.
  3. With scissors, trim the ends of the tissue into rounded or pointy shapes. Separate layers one at a time. Hot glue tissue flowers onto a styrofoam wreath.

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  1. Crafting for All Ages: The article emphasizes that Valentine's Day crafts are not just for kids, but can be enjoyed by adults as well. It encourages individuals of all ages to engage in creative activities to celebrate the day of love.

  2. Homemade Valentine's Cards: Creating personalized and heartfelt cards is highlighted as a way to tap into one's creative side and express love through thoughtful messages and designs.

  3. Craft Ideas and Instructions: The article provides a variety of craft ideas along with detailed supply lists and instructions, catering to different age groups, including kids, teens, and adults.

  4. Craft Examples: The article features specific craft examples, such as conversation heart brooches, candy heart balloons, glitter boxes, pop-up heart boxes, and more, each accompanied by a list of required materials and step-by-step instructions.

  5. Craft Development: The article credits specific individuals for developing the crafts, such as Morgan Levine and Blake Ramsey, providing insight into the creative minds behind the featured craft ideas.

  6. Craft Materials and Techniques: The crafts involve a diverse range of materials and techniques, including painting, gluing, stamping, baking, and using various art supplies to create unique and personalized Valentine's Day crafts.

These concepts form the foundation of the article's focus on engaging in creative and heartfelt activities to celebrate Valentine's Day through crafting. Whether it's making personalized gifts, decorating spaces, or creating memorable cards, the article aims to inspire individuals to express their love and creativity through the art of crafting.

36 Creative Valentine's Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (2024)


Can a 13 year old celebrate Valentine's Day? ›

"It's a day that should be celebrated regardless of whether the individuals are seniors or teenagers," Sehat tells Yahoo Life. "The holiday is perfectly OK as it's a celebration of love. Valentine's Day is an all-inclusive day that doesn't differentiate between the gender of partners."

What crafts can I make for Valentine's Day? ›

  • Pom-Pom Valentine's Day Cards Craft Project. Stuffed Paper Hearts. King and Queen of Hearts Costumes. ...
  • How to Make a Valentine's Day Envelope Mailbox. Kraft Heart Box. Learn How to Make the Very Same Valentine's Day Gifts Martha Is Giving Her Friends and Family. ...
  • Valentine's Day Treat Bags. Needle-Felted Heart Mug Cozy.

How can I be creative for Valentine's Day? ›

Shower your better half with all the love and affection they deserve this year.
  1. DIY Workshop: ...
  2. Go Dancing: ...
  3. Wine Tour: ...
  4. Private Tour: ...
  5. Themed Dinner and a Movie: ...
  6. Shopping: ...
  7. An Escape Room: ...
  8. Karaoke:

What should a 14 year old do on valentine's day? ›

Valentine's Day Date Ideas For Teens
  • Movie. Watching a movie together with your love is one of the best first Valentine's date ideas. ...
  • Go for a picnic. ...
  • Go for a sporting event. ...
  • Theme party. ...
  • Dinner date. ...
  • Coffee. ...
  • Visit a concert. ...
  • Indoor plan.

Is passing out valentine's day a 600 year old tradition? ›

Passing out Valentines is a 600-year-old tradition

Each year, kids in classrooms across America hand out Valentine's Day cards to their classmates. According to History.com, the oldest record of a valentine was a poem Charles Duke of Orleans wrote to his wife when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415.

Should you get your kids something for Valentine's Day? ›

Yes, giving your child a Valentine's Day card or treat is a lovely thing to do. Those who include their children in Valentine's Day tend to go all out on presents and special meals and messages of caring and kindness. "We have little presents and special dinner," says Stephanie M. "My little boy calls it Love Day."

What are the symbols of Valentine's Day for kids? ›

Symbols related to Valentine's Day include hearts, cards, flowers, candies, cupid, and doves. Within the education setting, holiday themes such as Valentine's Day can be used to help motivate young learners in specific learning activities.

Should kids celebrate Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine's Day can be a wonderful holiday for kids to celebrate in the classroom. It not only gives them an opportunity to be creative, but it also teaches them how to be inclusive and friendly to all of their classmates. Done right, it can highlight the importance of friendship, kindness, acceptance, and more.

Does Dollar Tree have Valentine's? ›

Find the perfect Valentine's Day gifts from the heart for your sweetheart, coworkers, classmates, and others. With an array of affordable Valentine plush, chocolate heart candy, florals, and more, you can make the perfect Valentine gift baskets and heartfelt gifts.

What can I sell on Valentine's Day at school? ›

Valentine's Day Chocolate Fundraiser

If you're looking to run a fundraising campaign at your elementary or middle school for Valentine's Day, chocolate is the way to go! Not only will it capture the attention of your students, but it's also a classic part of the holiday.

How do Japanese people celebrate Valentine's day? ›

Valentine's Day in Japan is celebrated by women giving gifts of chocolate to the men in their lives. Romantic partners or interests receive special chocolates known as honmei-choco, while male friends and colleagues or classmates receive obligatory giri-choco.

What is Secret Valentine's? ›

Celebrate Galentine's Day with a Valentine's Secret Santa for the true loves in your life: your besties! Draw names online and find the perfect gift for your Secret Cupid. Who will be your Valentine's Secret Santa? Start a Secret Valentine gift exchange, spread the love and find out.

How do you become a secret admirer on Valentine's day? ›

1. Send Fresh Flowers. It can be hard to play the role of a secret admirer, but when flowers are involved, conveying your emotions becomes a joyful experience. Flowers are the ideal choice when you want to express affection and respect or just make someone's day.

Is Valentine 13 or 14? ›

One of the most awaited days all across the world. The day of love is celebrated on February 14 every year. Valentine's day is preceded by a week of elaborate celebrations focusing on the display of affection and love – from kisses to gifts to hugs.

How old should you be to have a Valentine? ›

There's no “right” age to have a Valentine. If you never want one, don't get one. If one comes around, it'll be the right time for you, whether its age 20 or 50. It doesn't matter.

What is the age of Valentine's day? ›

At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I forbid the celebration of Lupercalia and is sometimes attributed with replacing it with St. Valentine's Day, but the true origin of the holiday is vague at best. Valentine's Day did not come to be celebrated as a day of romance until about the 14th century.

How old do you have to be to celebrate Valentine's day? ›

Valentine's day is celebrated on February 14 in many countries around the world. Valentine's day is a celebration of love in all its forms.


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