50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (2024)

Valentine’s Day gifts serve three purposes: To spark a new relationship, to celebrate a lasting one — or to repair one that’s been damaged or neglected! Whatever stage you’re in, we’ve selected nearly 50 Valentine’s Day gift vendors and included recommendations that can help keep love afloat.

But we also sought professional advice, because we all need to be reminded that love requires nurturing. So we asked Rachel Goldberg, licensed marriage and family therapist, about how to do love right — or at least better. She told us there are five things we should be doing, and five things we should NOT!

To nurture your relationship, employ these 5 strategies:

1. Communicate expectations: As any relationship therapist will tell you, this is numero uno. “Some people see this holiday as a meaningful way to share love or desire for each other, while others see it as commercial and a way to feed into capitalism,” said Goldberg. “Make sure to discuss with your partner what Valentine’s Day means to both of you and how you’d like to celebrate it.” Nice!

2. Be thoughtful: Tailor your celebration to your partner’s preferences. “If your partner is trying to eat more healthy, a box of chocolates can be seen as insensitive,” said Goldberg.

3. Celebrate (even gamify!) your relationship: Use the day to appreciate what you have together, focusing on the positives in your relationship. “Try this: Each of you write down three things you cherish about the other,” said Goldberg. “Then, have fun guessing each other’s notes before revealing what you truly appreciate.”

4. Create new memories: “Consider making new traditions or trying something new together,” said Goldberg. “Maybe you bake something challenging together or commit to a no social media day.”

5. Balance expectations and reality: Be open to things going awry. (If you have kids, you can count on that!). “Perhaps your dinner reservation is canceled and you both use the opportunity to spontaneously try a much less ideal or romantic spot,” she said. Like your kitchen!


How many marriages started with a bouquet of flowers? Flowers are the “go-to” gift, right? Doesn’t take too much imagination, but there’s a reason why more than 250 million rose stems are sold on Valentine’s Day — most of them a variety called American Beauty. Fellas — try something different, send lillies and orchids instead, and send a personalized note. We love that.

1-800-Flowers.com – With millions of stems of flowers expected to sell (roses are number one, then tulips), order early for the largest selection. You can get flower delivery, a decadent treat — or both. Save up to 30% on Valentine’s gifts.

FTD – My friend used this service to have a bouquet delivered and got distracted by the Belgian chocolate-covered Oreos on the site. Mmmm, she said. Order Valentine’s Day Delivery!

Teleflora – Bouquets under $60 (before shipping) — delivered by a local florist right to your loved one’s door. Order now – the delivery countdown is on!

The Bouqs – Lots of bouquets here, but the heart-shaped cactus for $54 is a great idea if your partner lacks a green thumb. A succulent is like the cat of plants, and if the plant never dies — neither will your love! Get 20% off roses – use code: ROSE.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (1) Via Pexels

More relationship advice: DON’T do these 5 things in your relationship:

1. Don’t spend what you don’t have: “Avoid putting financial stress on yourself or your partner,” said marriage and family therapist Rachel Goldberg.

2. Don’t compare: Avoid comparing your celebration to the celebration you see on social media. Said Goldberg: “Heed Theodore Roosevelt’s words, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’ If you catch yourself comparing, pivot to gratitude in your relationship. Comparison breeds resentment, which could turn V-day into D-day.”

3. Don’t make it about your followers: Don’t plan your day around how you want your IG followers to perceive your relationship. “Instead, set an example to your followers,” said Goldberg. “Let them know that this is a day you want to cherish your relationship, not showcase it. Besides, a touch of mystery keeps your followers intrigued, leaving them longing for more.”

4. Don’t ignore the day: Even if you both agree it’s just another day, acknowledging it in some small way shows you care. “This can be a quick foot massage during your current show binge, cutting out a paper heart and leaving it in their laptop, or wearing those jeans your beau adores,” said Goldberg.

5. Don’t rely solely on material gifts: “Focus on emotional connection,” said Goldberg. “Giving time to the relationship is more meaningful than clicking on your computer at checkout. “Foster this bond by going for a walk, collaborating on a puzzle, or enjoying a phone-free dinner together,” said Goldberg.

Chocolate for your sweetie (aww!)

In 1861 England a candy-maker had a flash of brilliance: package chocolates in heart-shaped boxes decorated with rosebuds and cupids — popular symbols of romance among the Victorians — and sell them on Valentine’s Day. A new tradition was born, and for that we can thank Richard Cadbury.

Godiva – That first piece is just as good as the sixth, ya know? New customers get 20% off your first purchase on Godiva.com.

Lindt – The Lindt Valentine’s Day Collection, featuring a seasonal assortment of gifting items and Lindor’s famous Milk Chocolate Truffle flavors. There’s also a few decent dark chocolate selections if you want to cut down on the sugar and give your brain a boost. Special offers from Lindt: Buy 2 Lindor 150-pc Totes for $89 and 1 Lindor 150-pc Tote for $46. Hurry, offer ends 2/14.

Russell Stover – It was a box of Russell Stover chocolates that prompted the Forrest Gump quote: “My mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” So true! Save up to 20% off Valentine Hearts collection.

M&M – The hard outer shell is designed to keep these chocolates from melting — but try telling that to my heart when I receive a box of these! Get 20% off sitewide – use code: ADMIRE.

Harry & David – You don’t see too many pairings in a name nowadays (Bert & Ernie are still active). Harry & David’s chocolate, fresh fruits, snacks, baked goods are exceptional. And I hear the Reserve Wines are a decent tipple! Buy one, get one 50% off on select gifts – use code: BOGO50.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (2) Budgeron Bach via Pexels

Perfume — the Scent of a Woman

My husband once gave me perfume and reminded me that it was used by royalty in Europe hundreds of years ago to mask their body odor and the smells from unsanitary practices. How romantic! Now I ask him if I smell like Louis XV! But perfume is cultivated from the scent of flowers, so fellas — this can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Rules of the road: To surprise her, just tell her she smells great and ask what’s she’s wearing. Then do the research and match the notes. Pick floral, fruity, or citrusy perfumes for daytime and woodsy or gourmand fragrances for night.

Sephora -Dior Poison, honey and musk I like, and at $85, even more — I’d treat myself any time of year. Get up to 50% off + same day shipping on select items.

Revolution Beauty -My husband went to their website to buy me a reed diffuser (what homework he did!) and found a neat LOVE scented candle instead. How sweet! Get 25% off Valentine’s makeup & gifts + free shipping on orders $45+.

The Body Shop – This is the way to pamper your body. The white musk perfume oil roll-on is easy. And the British Rose shower gel makes me feel like royalty, just because it’s British. Get 25% off 3 or more body and haircare – use code: SELFLOVE at The Body Shop.

Macy’s – My friend Dave is a UX web designer/developer and he raves about the Macy’s website “Gift Finder” shopping experience. It’s true — very clean, easy to read, and easy to select what you’re looking for. And then there’s the abundant selection. Order gifts by 2/8 for delivery, or pick up in store.

Perfumania – My bestie’s been telling me about how much she likes the spiciness of Tom Ford Black Orchid. That’s not my preference (I’m spicy enough without the help LOL), but I’m also hearing about Ariana Grande’s line. You go, girl. Buy more, save more! Get up to $25 off with codes: VDAY10, VDAY15, and VDAY25.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (3) Perfumania | Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry Perfumes

Jewelry and Watches

I’m the sort that’s OK wearing stones and a bit of silver, but one of my friends is the sort that thinks jewelry is a form of wearable art — gold for her thank you very much. How about we meet somewhere in the middle?

As for watches, they were originally worn by women — until World War I, when soldiers found it inconvenient to pull out a pocket watch to find the time. Still, for a time it was perceived as a feminine attribute. Now it’s a sign of status. For many guys in the city, it’s like wearing a car.

Pandora Jewelry – You’ll find heart rings, chain bracelets, and handwritten LOVE charms.

Uncommon James – Shop hearts, Vermeil jewelry, and personalized pieces that will have you ready for date night. Shop now and get 30% off everything + 2 day free shipping during the Uncommon James Valentine’s Day Sale.

Zales Outlet – Deals on rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and more — get up to 60% off.

Jared – Cut, color, clarity, and carat — those are the four Cs of buying a diamond. Buy now and get 25% off storewide but hurry, this offer ends 2/7/24.

Kay Jewelers – Every kiss begins at Kay, right? Their selection of engagement rings completes the cycle. Shop early & save 30-40% off on your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts.

Kay Jewelers OutletSave up to 60% off on stunning men’s watches from trusted brands like Movado, Citizen, Bulova, and more. Get 30-50% off fashion & gold jewelry.

Kendra Scott – Shine bright, do good is the motto. They have a “Gift for Host” section so you never arrive at a party empty-handed. Limited time only! Get 25% off Fashion Necklaces + 30% off select Sparkle.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (4) Via Pexels

Intimate Valentine’s Day Gifts

The ancient Mayans believed that chocolate was an aphrodisiac, and we’re pretty sure they’d feel the same about intimate apparel.

LoveVibe – Elevate your romantic experience with this 40 Scratch Off Date Adventures! You’ll really like the decision coin. Sold at Amazon.

Artagia Store – Whether you’re in a close or long-distance relationship, Talk, Flirt, Dare game is a fun and intimate way to bring your closer together and strengthen your bond. Sold at Amazon.

Victoria’s Secret – Shop early to get a Sneak Peek of the Victoria’s Secret V-DAY SHOP. Find presents for wearing in, going out, and everything in between. Limited time only – get a free Packable Tote (a $49.95 value) with purchase of $85+ while quantities last.

Into the Lap of Luxury

Luxury is not for everyone, but who doesn’t like to feel just a tad bit pampered — even if only once a year, men and women, by the way. Here are some luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her.

Coach Outlet – Who says luxury can’t be practical? Coach’s wallets and travel accessories are budget-friendly (I know, budget is relative!). They’re known for stunning jewelry and fragrances. Have a budget you’d like to stick to? Explore a range of our top gifts under $100 or under $50 and if you buy 2+ gifts, you get an extra 20% off.

Fossil – Personalized watches (because your time is your own), jewelry and handbags at Fossil. A Jolie leather hobo bag for $250 — that hobo is luxury. Get 30% off full-price styles.

Brighton – Since 1972, Brighton has been creating silver jewelry, many with a Celtic twist, and leather handbags, by master artisans.

White+Warren – NYC local favorite set up shop in New York’s Fashion District with a catalogue of cashmere wraps, sweaters, joggers, hats and more. Shop now and get 15% off your first purchase.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (5) Via Pexels

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids — and for Those Young at Heart

LEGO – My childhood self would be so surprised at how LEGO has grown into a cultural and commercial phenomenon. Who knew? As long as you don’t accidentally step on or crawl over one of these pieces, LEGO is about “giving love that’s built to last.” (Clever!).

Funko – These cute big-headed, little-bodied figurines are taking over the world. Collect characters from Star Wars, DC Comics, Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc, — and, now, you or your loved one! Customize your own Funko to look like your child. There’s a limited number of selections — hair type, glasses, clothes (we bought our nine-year-old a shirt that matched his Funko) — but still, cute idea as a gift for a little kid.

Walmart – In our house, the world stops when the new Pokemon Pikachu headphones are here. And that’s a great thing, because then the household tends to get a whole lot quieter. Save up to 65% off limited time Flash Deals.

Slumberkins – These cute little dolls are designed to help emotional growth — how to tap into creativity, deal with loss, etc. The Slumberkins Honey Bear, I’m Grateful for You Board Book story reminds children to appreciate every bit of it. Place orders by 2/7 and upgrade to Priority Shipping for FREE on orders of $75+.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (6) Funko | POP! Your Valentine

Galentine’s Day Gifts that Say Ilysm (I Love You So Much)

I saw the word “Galentine” in a headline and I did a double take. Huh? I Googled it and saw that it was a term used by Leslie Knope, the lovably loopy character played by Amy Poehler in “Parks and Recreation.” And it’s brilliant, because it celebrates platonic love between women, or anybody — although my friend Steve does not want to be called a galentine!

Stanley – Wrap up a tumble, mug, or other treat for you bestie (or yourself) from Stanley. Or check out our amNY Shops post highlighting Tumbler best sellers.

KonMari – KonMari is a de-clutter technique that I love — if I had more time to actually do it! My bestie has been on a Mari Kondo kick for years now. She said it’s like Catholic school — once you’re exposed to it, it never really leaves you. Mari Kondo now has her first children’s book, btw, so my bestie can initiate her little ones too! Check out KonMari and get 24% off sitewide.

The Body Shop – Little things can mean a lot. The Body Shop’s strawberry body mist or lip balm — –yum! And the British Rose shower scrub doesn’t leave a film-ish feel. Get 25% off when you buy 3 or more skincare & fragrance products.

Urban Outfitters – I got my galentine a couple fun but informative books — “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds” and “The Mocktail Club.” I can spend all day on Urban Outfitters site, plenty of unique gifts and gadgets.

Ulta – I wouldn’t give my galentine a mini-styling kit for curly hair — she is so picky about her curls! — but I would give her a hydrating sugar scrub. Shop now at Ulta and get 50% off Daily Beauty Steals and 30% off weekly deals, plus new brands and get free shipping on any purchase of $35+.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (7) Pexels via Mikhail Nilov

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, my husband is not overly complicated. He’d be fine with socks, a new tie, or going out to dinner. But I’d like to find something a little bit unexpected.

The Beard Club – My husband has a beard, and I like to remind him that prehistoric men grew them to cushion blows to the face from a wild boar — or an angry wife! Get 25% off with code: VDAY.

Lowe’s – Tools for the workshop, cliche yes! Easy? Yeah — if he’s handy. If not, no need to embarrass anyone, we can hire someone. Save up to 35% off or more on 1-day online only Deals of Day

Home Depot – I read about a single-flush toilet on sale at Home Depot that’s so powerful it can flush a bucket of golf balls (true, made by Champion). I mentioned it to my husband and he loved the idea — just not as a Valentine’s Day gift. Save up to 60% off select products.

Omaha Steaks – Here’s a winning Valentine’s Day dinner: tender steaks, seafood, tasty sides, and decadent desserts!

Righteous Felon Craft Jerky – More jerky! Righteous Felon Craft Jerky has kicked American meat snacks up a notch with its U.S.-sourced jerky recipes for “uncompromising carnivores” across the country.

1-800-Flowers.com – Why not? If you’ve exhausted all your other ideas, surveys say that men like to receive flowers too.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (8) Righteous Felon Craft Jerky | The Whole Shebang Jerky Gift Bundle

For the Perfect Pair

Everyone has a “dynamic duo” in their lives — you and your partner, sure, but also your mom and dad, your sister or your brother and their significant other, or those two friends who have been rooming together for years, like Bert and Ernie.

Zazzle – Does anything say “I Love You” with as much verve as a personalized pilsner glass? On Zazzle, you’ll find a wide range of interesting designs on a wide selection of products. In their words, “We’ve got designs to melt hearts, spread smiles and show your affection.” Nice.

Cratejoy – Is there a nerd couple in your social or family circle? Go the Cratejoy monthly subscription site and you can select gifts by interest. “Nerd” is one of them and these gift ideas are so abundant it’ll steam their black-framed glasses. They geek out on planets, comic books, or the 1940s? There’s also general Valentine’s Day gifts for shaking up the perfect co*cktail, designing the perfect charcuterie board, inspiring an amazing dinner experience, pairing the snacks & wine mix. You get the picture!

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (9) Cratejoy | Shaker & Spoon co*cktail Club

Prefer to avoid the hassle of in-store experiences? Want to master the art of online shopping? Check out amNY Shops for our sales picks and exclusive discounts on our favorite products.

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Valentine's Day Gifts and Relationship Advice

Valentine’s Day gifts serve three main purposes: sparking a new relationship, celebrating a lasting one, or repairing a damaged or neglected relationship. Professional advice from licensed marriage and family therapist Rachel Goldberg emphasizes the importance of nurturing love through specific strategies and avoiding certain behaviors. These strategies include communicating expectations, being thoughtful, celebrating and gamifying the relationship, creating new memories, and balancing expectations with reality. On the other hand, it's advised not to spend beyond one's means, compare celebrations to others on social media, make the day about showcasing the relationship, ignore the day entirely, or rely solely on material gifts [[1]].


Flowers are a popular Valentine's Day gift, with over 250 million rose stems sold on the occasion. Different vendors offer a variety of options, including 1-800-Flowers.com, FTD, Teleflora, and The Bouqs. These vendors provide a range of flower arrangements and delivery options, with discounts available on select items [[2]].


Chocolates are a classic Valentine's Day gift, with various options available from vendors such as Godiva, Lindt, Russell Stover, M&M, and Harry & David. These vendors offer a selection of chocolates and treats, with special offers and discounts for Valentine's Day [[3]].


Perfume is a timeless Valentine's Day gift, with options available from Sephora, Revolution Beauty, The Body Shop, Macy’s, and Perfumania. These vendors offer a range of fragrances and beauty products, with discounts and special offers for Valentine's Day [[4]].

Jewelry and Watches

Jewelry and watches are popular gifts for Valentine's Day. Vendors like Pandora Jewelry, Uncommon James, Zales Outlet, Jared, Kay Jewelers, Kay Jewelers Outlet, Kendra Scott, and others offer a variety of jewelry and watch options, with discounts and special offers available [[5]].

Intimate Gifts, Luxury Gifts, and Gifts for Kids

For intimate gifts, vendors like LoveVibe and Artagia Store offer unique options to enhance romantic experiences. Luxury gifts for both men and women are available from Coach Outlet, Fossil, Brighton, and White+Warren. Additionally, there are Valentine's Day gifts for kids from LEGO, Funko, Walmart, and Slumberkins, catering to various interests and age groups [[6]].

Galentine’s Day Gifts and Gifts for Men

Galentine's Day gifts, celebrating platonic love between women, can be found at Stanley, KonMari, The Body Shop, Urban Outfitters, and Ulta. Gifts for men, including grooming products from The Beard Club, tools from Lowe’s and Home Depot, and gourmet treats from Omaha Steaks and Righteous Felon Craft Jerky, offer a variety of options for different preferences [[7]].

Perfect Pair and Online Shopping

For the perfect pair, Zazzle and Cratejoy offer personalized gifts and subscription boxes catering to specific interests. Additionally, for those who prefer online shopping, amNY Shops provides sales picks and exclusive discounts on a variety of products, making the online shopping experience convenient and enjoyable [[8]].

I hope this information helps you find the perfect Valentine's Day gifts and navigate the complexities of nurturing relationships! If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts — and 10 Therapist-Approved Strategies to Keep Love Alive – QNS.com (2024)


What are some good Valentine's questions? ›

No matter where you are in your relationship, these 30 prompts will help strengthen it.
  • When do you think is the right time to say “I love you”?
  • When's the last time you felt vulnerable? ...
  • What is your favorite birthday you ever had? ...
  • Who do you confide in more than anyone else?
Feb 13, 2023

What are the top 7 best selling products or services for Valentine's Day US data? ›

The top gifts include candy (57%), greeting cards (40%), flowers (39%), an evening out (32%), jewelry (22%), clothing (21%) and gift cards (19%). New spending records are expected for jewelry ($6.4 billion), flowers ($2.6 billion), clothing ($3 billion) and an evening out ($4.9 billion).

Why Valentine's Day is good for your mental health? ›

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to reconnect with friends and family, fostering relationships that nourish your mental health. Engaging in shared activities or simply having meaningful conversations can deepen connections and provide mutual support.

What are some good Valentine's Day gifts? ›

Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

Treat them to their favorite pint of Ben & Jerry's alongside a portable ice-cream cooler, gift them a candle that pairs perfectly with a massage, or bake them a Valentine's dessert in a mini Le Creuset.

What is the number 1 Valentines Day gift? ›

1. Valentine's Day cards. Although cards are usually given in combination with other gifts like flowers or chocolates, more than 52% of consumers will present their loved ones with a Valentine's Day card. You can score some extra points by personalizing your card with a photo or heartfelt poem.

What is the most popular gift purchased on Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine Cards

60% of Americans planned to buy greetings and gift cards (NRF report 2023). Therefore, they are the top-selling items for Valentine's Day, especially if they are unique or personalized.

Can Valentine's day cause anxiety? ›

Valentine's Day, often hailed as a celebration of love and affection, can inadvertently become a source of anxiety for many individuals. While the day is filled with romantic expectations and gestures, it can also amplify existing worries or trigger new anxieties.

How does Valentine's day affect the brain? ›

There's an increase in oxytocin, which rewires our brain so that now we have an emotional attachment to that individual,” Zweifel said.

What to buy a girl for Valentine's Day? ›

Homemade cards, candy hearts, sweet-smelling flowers, and sexy lingerie are all on Cupid's greatest hits list, but there are endless ways to say “I love you” with the perfect gift for her.

What are some fun Valentine's Icebreaker questions? ›

Valentine's Day Icebreaker Questions
  • What is your favorite Valentine's Day candy?
  • Who was your first celebrity crush?
  • What is your favorite love song?
  • Who is your least favorite character from a romantic movie?
  • What dessert would you want to have on a Valentine's Day date?
Jan 4, 2024

What are 5 facts about Valentine's Day? ›

  • A Roman fertility festival was the holiday's precursor. ...
  • There was more than one St. ...
  • Valentine's Day wasn't romantic until the Middle Ages. ...
  • The earliest known valentine has a sad love story behind it. ...
  • Wearing your heart on your sleeve might have been a real thing. ...
  • Cupid was a Greek god.
Feb 14, 2024


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