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1. Kentucky Weather Center

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  • by Chris Bailey | Jun 14, 2024 | 8

2. Chris Bailey - WKYT

  • I started my meteorology career doing weekend weather at WKYT-TV in 1998. After a few years on weekends, I moved to the noon and 5:30 shows on weekdays. After 6 ...

  • The senior meteorologist in the Gray TV family with more than 22 years of on-air work.

3. LIST: Events at Jamestown, Yorktown American Revolution Museum ...

4. FIRST ALERT | Chris Bailey looks toward a steamy setup - WLOX

  • Duration: 0:31Posted: 16 hours ago

  • The tropics come to Kentucky.

5. B1G 2024: To Hate or Not to Hate: Rutgers Edition - Off Tackle Empire

6. AFL-CIO won't back candidate in Missouri first district race

  • 7 hours ago · Democrat Elad Gross and Republicans Andrew Bailey and Will Scharf all appeared at a Springfield event, while Gross and Scharf were at the SLU ...

  • Plus: AFL-CIO won't endorse in congressional race

7. First Alert Weather - WKYT

  • Forecast · Closings & Delays · 23 weather alerts in effect · Weather Cams

  • WKYT | First Alert Weather Coverage | Lexington, KY

8. Trooper with checkered FBI past convicted of child rape in Alabama

  • 5 hours ago · ... Chris Higgins Extreme Weather Blog · Long-Range Forecast ... Daryl D. Bailey, the Montgomery County ... Weather · St. Louis Radar · Watch newscasts ...

  • MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A former FBI agent was convicted Friday of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl while serving as an Alabama state trooper — a law enforcement job he landed even after he …

Chris Baily Weather Blog (2024)


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