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Looking to go jet skiing this summer? You might not think the famously drizzly United Kingdom is cut out to handle these sophisticated Japanese machines, but quite the opposite is true, and Experience Daysis here to prove it!

Below we've updated our Guide To Jet skiing in The UK, so keep reading to find out the latest and best places to tear up the water, or to find a jet ski experience near you.

Jet Skiing in the UK – A geographic guide

There’s plenty of providers across the U.K. offering jet ski hire, jet ski activities and tours for anyone who wants to give this unique activity a go.

With the weather warming up, I know a lot of us will be staring out the window at the sunshine, wondering when we'll get the chance to head out onto the water, feel the sun on our faces and make the most of the fleeting British summer.

So, where can you go jet skiing in the U.K.? Read our comprehensive geographic guide to find out more. But first, some commonly asked questions…

“How fast is a jet ski?”

The answer varies depending on the model of jet ski.

The average jet ski can travel at speeds of up to 65 mph.

Slower models tend to get up to 40 mph, whereas the faster models are able to travel at speeds of over 70 mph. Impressive!

“Who can go jet skiing?”

The minimum age to be a passenger on a jet ski tends to be around 16 years old, but varies depending on the provider.

The minimum age to drive a jet ski is usually 18 years old, depending on the activity supplier.

“Is it good exercise to ride a jet ski?”

In short, yes!

Jet skiing is a great way to practice your balance and hand-eye coordination, strengthen your muscles and tones your abs as you have to keep that core engaged in order to remain on the jet ski.

Spin class who?!

"Is it safe to ride a jet ski?"

As with any activity, there are risks involved - but just make sure you abide by all the safety procedures, wear the correct equipment and listen to your guides, and you'll have a great, safe time on the water.

“What should I wear for jet skiing?”

As we mentioned above, make sure you're kitted out in the correct safety equipment. Water shoes are recommended to protect your feet and to help you grip the pedals.

You don't want to be restricted on your aquatic adventure, so above all make sure you wear something you feel comfortable in - and of course, that you don't mind getting wet.

Speaking of which...

"Will I get wet riding a jet ski?"

Um... yes.

As obvious as this sounds, jet skiing is really an activity for those who are fans of the water. If you don't like getting wet, jet skiing might not be the adventure for you!

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A brief history of jet skiing

Now you have your burning questions answered, you're probably raring to get on one of these amazing machines.

But first... where did the jet ski come from?

Possibly the best thing about jet skis is that they were originally called 'water scooters'... I mean, why not?! It does what it says on the tin.

Much like the humble Hoover or Biro, 'Jet Ski' is actually a brand name from Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki, which has overtaken the name of the product itself and become synonymous with it. (Not all water scooters are Jet Skis, but all Jet Skis are water scooters.)

Us Brits were graced with the magnificent Jet Ski in the 1950's, but weren't exactly taken with it. British company Vincent manufactured approximately 2,000 water scooters to corner the British market, but these didn't prove as popular as they'd hoped.

Meanwhile, in Australia, they were - as usual - doing things better than us.

Clayton Jacobsen, a motocross enthusiast, customised the water craft so that its drivers could ride it while standing up, working his technical wizardry on the internal motors to upgrade the machine.

Cashing in on his creativity, Jacobsen sold his prototype to Kawasaki - which became the Jet Ski we know and love today. This is when they made a 'splash' (sorry) as a way to water ski without the need for a boat.

Where Can I Go Jetskiing in the U.K.?

So, without further ado, let's move onto our comprehensive geographic guide to jetskiing in the U.K.

From the East Midlands to the South West to Yorkshire, we've gathered the best jet ski and water sports providers in a handy list below!



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Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire

158 Performance is based in the heart of Lincolnshire, and benefit from a picturesque freshwater lake covering around 45 acres, which is open from 9am to 5pm.

This jet ski experience treats you to an incredible 30 minute guided lesson on the lake with tuition provided! Whether you're a first time rider or a seasoned pro, we think this experience will suit.

Your experience will begin on arrival at Tattershall lakes. There, you'll be greeted by the friendly and professional staff before getting kitted up in the safety gear.

You'll then be given a safety briefing, getting familiar with the controls of the jet ski before the real fun begins.

You will first ride the jet-ski around the lake accompanied by your instructor, and once they are happy that you're confident, you have free reign to explore the lake by yourself!

You will have a brilliant time zooming around the race track, and will soon be utterly hooked on this adrenaline-pumping activity.


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Nene Valley Waterski

For those who live in Northamptonshire, the Nene Valley Water Ski Club is the place to be when it comes to jet skiing.

Located in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, this activity centre boasts a 32 acre lake, picnic area, toilet and changing facilities.

This waterski centre works on a membership system, whereby customers pay a yearly fee to enjoy full use of the facilities and limited use of the lakes.

Membership fees vary, so give them a call to discuss!



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Ride Leisure

Ride Leisure is a water activity centre located at the beautiful Wyboston Lakes. Featuring purpose-built facilities for a variety of water experiences, this unique centre is the place to be if you live in Bedfordshire and want to practice jet skiing.

They offer a range of packages for jet skiing, but beginners will want to opt for their 'Jet Bike Experience' for £80.

This is the perfect taster for anyone looking to try jet skiing for the first time, with the time being split between tuition and taking the controls on your own.

Participants must be at least 16 years old to take part, and be competent swimmers.

But it's not just jet skis! If you fancy a more varied day of activities, why not opt for one of their combination packages?

For example, their Half Day Water adventure encompasses all the fun of jet skiing, and combines it with stand up paddle boarding and a session on their inflatable aqua park!


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Essex Powerboat School

Essex Powerboat School is located on the idyllic Canvey Island, surrounded by glittering water just waiting to be explored!

To really get to grips with how to ride a jet ski, you'll want to opt for their full day course priced at £210.

This full day experience includes a full safety briefing and orientation, safety equipment, water user's etiquette, on water skills, slalom runs, high speed turns and much more.

It really is the most thorough jet ski lesson in Essex you could ask for!


County Durham

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On Water Training

You might think that the famously chilly North East would not be home to jet ski experiences, but we're disproving that theory starting with this jet ski centre in Hartlepool County Durham!

Onwater Training are a water activity and training centre based on Hartlepool Marina, surrounded by countless places to eat, drink and relax before or after your jet ski adventure!

Their introduction to jet skiing package costs £95, and earns you 2 hours on the water. This includes a safety briefing, instruction on how to use the controls, all necessary equipment, and use of a wet suit.

You'll begin by jetting out onto Hartlepool Marina, taking a slow speed ride to get you used to the machine.

Before long you'll be cruising along on the open sea followed by a safety RIB, so you can feel completely safe while you embrace the elements on this unique vessel!

You have to be at least 18 to take part in this experience as a driver. The minimum age for passengers is 12.



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Frodsham Watersports

Frodsham Watersports Centre is an outdoor watersports activity provider offering a range of unique activities for those Cheshire-based water babies who prefer the wet land to dry!

At this centre, you can enjoy kayaking, boating, water skiing and of course, jetskiing.

Contact them to discuss prices.


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Leisure Lakes

Leisure Lakes is based in Preston, and equips the Lancashire summers with outdoor pursuits, water sports and a caravan park for those quintessentially British holidays.

You're in luck if you're local to Lancashire or travelling there for a getaway, as this centre have a range of jet ski activities for you to try.

Greater Manchester

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Trafford Watersports

Trafford Watersports Centre is based in the town of Sale, Greater Manchester. Those who live in the North West might think water sports are out of their reach - but they'd be wrong!

While this provider don't currently run jet ski experiences, they have got plenty of other on the water offerings, including bell boating, kayaking, raft building, sailing and stand up paddle boarding.

Most tastes are catered for at this outdoor water sports centre, so make the most of the British summer and give it a go!


Loch Lomond

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Loch Lomond Watersports

Although it’s not exactly jet skiing, those who want to try out a new sport on the water can head over to Loch Lomond Watersports!

This leisure provider have three locations: Luss Pier, Luss Beach and Rowardennan.

One thing's for sure, whichever location you pick, you'll be surrounded by the jaw-dropping natural beauty of Loch Lomond.

There's a huge range of water sports available, including wake surfing, kayaking, water-skiing, canoeing, SUP and even banana boat hire for those who want a party with a difference.


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Dumfries Flyboarding Experience Voucher

This fly boarding experience is another great way to zoom through the water, provided by Experience Days’ supplier Wet Jets!

This is a 40 minute fly boarding experience that gives you a great opportunity to get to grips with the incredible power of the water jet pack. The fly board is a truly incredible machine which basically consists of a board with foot bindings and a 30 foot long connected power hose.

This hose is attached to a jet ski, which powers the fly board's thrust nozzles, blasting out powerful, high-pressure jets of water that propel the flyboard - and you - up to 30 foot into the air.

Your 40 minute Dumfries water jet pack experience begins with a briefing from your fly boarding instructor, which will cover all safety issues and introduce you to the to the fly board, explaining how it all works, and what you have to do to make it fly. After this it's time to don your protective gear and get ready for the ride of your life!

Once in the water, you'll enjoy a 30 minute session, as you get to grips with the incredible flying machine!



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Westhorpe Watersports

Westhorpe Watersports is a family-owned water activity centre, who run on a membership basis. Their facilities boast an impressive pine log clubhouse, fully licenced bar, showers, toilet, camping, and parking.

For water sports, you can try jet skiing, fishing and swimming in beautiful surroundings.

Membership fees vary, so contact them to find out more!

East Sussex

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60 Minute Jet Ski Experience

Brighton is the perfect place for a seaside getaway, crammed with independent restaurants, quirky shops and colourful characters.

If you're planning a trip to 'London By The Sea', you'll want to visit Lagoon Watersports on Brighton Marina for an unforgettable jet ski experience. The ultimate accompaniment to any great beach holiday!

With this voucher for a 60 minute experience, you'll be welcomed to the marina by a professional instructor. They’ll begin by briefing you on the jet ski’s control, driving procedure and personal safety.

Next, you’ll be fitted with impact vests, wet suits and a kill cord, before climbing aboard your state-of-the-art machine.

The powerful Deluxe jet skis comfortably seat two riders and come with advanced controls and improved manoeuvrability. Steadily at first, you’ll guide yours out of the marina and towards the open ocean.

Once clear of the entrance, you’ll set off in the direction of Brighton Pier – at pace! Your instructor will be with you all the way, and after an exhilarating sixty-minute ride, you’ll return to dry land windswept and ready for more!


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South Coast Jetski (Southampton)

With centres in both Southampton and Poole (shouted out further down our list) South Coast jetski has really earned its name.

At their Ocean Village Marina venue, you can enjoy jetski hire from £110.

Conveniently located near West Quay Shopping Centre and equipped with a rooftop bar, this jetski centre has everything you need for a fun day out.


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Action Watersports

Based out of Romney Marsh, Action Watersports in Kent provide a range of thrilling outdoor and water-based activities, including water-skiing, fly boarding, stand up paddle-boarding, and of course, jet ski rental!

From £39.99 per person, you can rent a jet ski to tear across the lake for approximately one hour. You'll be given a safety brief, some tuition, and be provided with all necessary equipment before heading out onto the lake.

You need to be 16 to drive these jet skis. Children under the age of 16 are able to join in as a passenger, at the instructor's discretion and for a small extra fee.


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Hardwick Parks

While Hardwick Parks in Oxfordshire don't offer jet ski experiences, they have a whole range of activities on offer to scratch your water sport itch this summer.

These include kayaks for hire from £10 an hour, stand up paddle boarding for £20 an hour, water skiing from £28, and wake boarding from £27, amongst many others!

If you're based in Oxfordshire and are looking to have some fun on the water, Hardwick Parks has something for you.



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Cornwall Waverunners Safaris

Anyone would agree that the serene shores and distinctively rugged coastline of New Quay beach is a great place to learn any water sport, especially the adrenaline-fuelled activity of jet skiing!

This taster session costs £39 per person, which earns you 15 - 20 minutes on the water. During your thrilling jet ski session, you'll travel between 3 - 4 miles on a Deluxe jet ski.

All safety equipment is provided, and full training is given by expert instructors before you tear up the water yourself!

You have to be 10 years old to ride the jet ski, and 12 years old to drive it.


Jetski Experience Gifts | Jetskiing Near Me | Where to Hire A Jetski UK (18)

Jet Set Go!

Located on the picture-perfect Torquay Marina, Jet Set Go! offer premium jet skiing experiences for those who wish to learn how to handle these amazing machines with the serene natural beauty of Torquay as their backdrop.

The minimum age for these jet ski experiences is 18 years old, and prices start at £145 per jet ski. This includes wet suit and buoyancy aid hire, a 30 minute safety briefing, expert instruction, and 90 minutes jet skiing time on the water.

Additional passengers can be added to the package for £45 per person, and a minimum age of 8 years old. Please note that if they want to take a turn at the controls, they'll need to be 18 years old or over.


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Jurassic Jet Ski Tours, Weymouth

Jurassic Jet Ski Tours offers the one-of-a-kind experience of touring the famous Jurassic Coast on a jet ski!

Classed as a World Heritage Site, the Jurassic Coast is an incredible sight to behold, and how better to experience it than tearing through the sea on a jet ski?

Jurassic Jet Ski Tours offer a variety of packages for their unique experiences, starting at £110 for a single rider and £150 for a double rider. Prices are per jet ski.

They also provide packages for stag & hen do's or corporate parties, so get in touch with them for more details!

South Coast Jetski (Poole)

Jetski Experience Gifts | Jetskiing Near Me | Where to Hire A Jetski UK (20)

If you're looking for a thrilling watersports adventure in the South West, what could be better than cruising along the Jurassic Coast in a jetski with a picturesque view of Old Harry Rocks in the distance?

You can hire a jetski for £100 single rider, or £140 double rider.



Jetski Experience Gifts | Jetskiing Near Me | Where to Hire A Jetski UK (21)

Celtic Haven and Lydstep Beach

Holiday home provider Celtic Haven has teamed up with Lydstep Beach in Pembrokeshire to provide a variety of watersports - including the all-important jetski.

With the awe-inspiring Pembrokeshire Coastline as your backdrop, you can take part in a one day RYA Jetski Training Course for £160.

West Glamorgan

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Margam Park Adventure

Although Margam Park doesn't have a jetski option, we think you'll forgive them given their idyllic grounds, featuring the imposing Margam Castle in the background.

You could try any number of other water-based activities including kayaking, paddle-boarding, SUP yoga and raft building - all whilst gazing out at the tree-dotted hills surrounding you, and enjoying the calm, peaceful waters of the lake.


Jetski Experience Gifts | Jetskiing Near Me | Where to Hire A Jetski UK (23)

Oxwich Watersports

Head to Oxwich Beach to take part in Oxwich Watersports' thrilling jet ski safaris, starting at £96.

With this hour-long experience, you'll be taught how to handle the jetski by an expert instructor.

Next, you'll hop onto the powerful machine and zoom out across the rugged coastline at speeds of up to 80kmh.

You'll be provided with all the equipment and instruction you need - all you need to bring is the appropriate footwear and a change of clothes.



Jetski Experience Gifts | Jetskiing Near Me | Where to Hire A Jetski UK (24)

Kingsbury Jet Bike

Based in the town of Sutton Coldfield, Kingsbury Water Park bring thrilling water sports to the people of the West Midlands, with a lake spanning 42 acres completely dedicated to jet skiing.

This centre also features 3 separate lake areas for enjoying water sports, plus a lakeside cafe with changing facilities and equipment rental available.

Kingsbury Water Park works on a membership basis, with fees starting at £550 per year. This covers you for 2 people, and allows both members unlimited visits to the lake.


East Yorkshire

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Billabong Watersports

Billabong Watersports are based in the East Riding of Yorkshire on an 11 acre freshwater lake. Here, they provide motorised water sports from speedboats, water-skiing, wake boarding, ringo riding or kneel boarding.

You can also rent an hour on the lake from £15 when bringing your own jetski.

A group of 4 people can experience one of their thrilling activities for £40, earning you a half hour on the water. Prices increase to £70 for one full hour, and corporate packages are also available - just give them a call for details!

Prices include wet suits and life jackets - just bring your sense of adventure...

North Yorkshire

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Ripon Jetski Club

A members-only club for those who already own a jetski, Ripon Jetski Club offers an opportunity to cruise along their 25-acre lake and take in the surrounding scenery.

South Yorkshire

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Rother Valley Country Park - Water Sports

Rother Valley Country Park is a one-stop-shop for outdoor activities in South Yorkshire!

Based in Rotherham, Rother Valley offer a huge range of family-friendly experience days, including water-based activities such as sailing, wind surfing, stand up paddleboarding, and even water zorbing!

Prices vary depending on the package chosen, so get in touch with them for a full price list.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading our updated guide to jet skiing and water sports in the UK!

We hope you've found your perfect summer outing from our list above. If you're still looking, check out our full range of jet ski experiences in the UK here, and water sports activity packages here.

Happy summer from all of us at Experience Days!

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