Looking for corporate or headquarter contact info ASAP (2024)

I recently went to a local store in the area to upgrade my husbands phone (specifically January 16, 2015). My husband & I have been under my mother's account for quite some time now so i also wanted to separate our lines to our own account. While my husband was picking out his new phone, the person helping me also encouraged me to get a new phone. i explained to them that i was not due for an upgrade till next November. While convincing us to switch to their Edge plan, they also told me that if i wanted a new phone they could open up an extra line and use it for my iPad while getting a new phone to switch to my current line. So i did everything that they said, agreed to do the Edge and picked out a new phone. I made it specifically clear that i wanted insurance on the phones at the time of purchase which they told me they would take care of, besides the fact that i have been paying for insurance on my line since i've had the phone.

About two weeks later, i had my phone stolen along with my license & money out of my bag. I called Verizon to make a claim with Assurion to get a new phone, and i was told that i did not have insurance on my phone.

So, i headed back to the store and made sure to speak with the person who helped me when we originally got the phones. I explained to her what happened, and she agreed that she did remember me asking to put insurance on the phones and that she was almost positive she did. After waiting about 45 min., the manager of the store came out to tell me that there was no insurance on my phone. That in fact the only insurance i had, was on the new LINE that i opened, not the phone. Besides the fact that i was extremely annoyed with the customer service, now they're telling me that in order for me to get a new phone i would have to purchase it at a full price of $700.

My issue is not only with the customer service but the fact that #1 i never even knew i could open a new line and switch the phone over until they offered it to me. #2 if they knew that i was going to switch the phone to my line, why wouldn't have they insured that line? and #3 if i had insurance on that line already, why did it stop just bc i changed my phone if according to them it is the LINE that keeps the insurance? i am extremely annoyed and appalled at how mislead we were through this whole process.

On top of that all, i now receive a bill for $560 last week (mid-February) when i have only had the phone about a month. They did not take off the Edge discounts they were supposed to, they did not take off the 22% discount i added to my plan while i was at the store when I was approved for it, and now I'm paying for a phone that i don't even have!! Then i start getting numerous calls telling me that if i don't pay my past due balance my lines are going to be disconnected? i have been a customer with Verizon for 10+ years and have NEVER been so annoyed with any of the customer service & billing service i have gone through the passed couple days. If I had to pay the deductible for the insurance, whatever the price, i wouldn't be as annoyed but now I just want to get rid of my account all together. I have always complimented Verizon and always referred them to other people who have other carriers and i will never, ever again. I feel like I've been completely screwed and mislead 100% by these people.

So, since nobody seems to want to help me my only choice is to contact corporate or headquarters to try and have this problem resolved. I think its ridiculous that it has even come this far and they have yet to help a long standing customer. If anyone has any information about how they can help, i would very much appreciate it! Thank you.

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Looking for corporate or headquarter contact info ASAP (2024)


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