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Wartales Community Update #5 Available

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Written by ValH onFebruary18th,2023

Master of Magic Remake: Through the Myrror Deep Dive - New Race (1)

Shiro Games' mercenary RPG Wartales is currently on track to leave early access somewhere around Q2 2023. And in order to get us, and the game, ready for the big release, the developers have put together a new Community Update that turns early access feedback into a number of new features and changes.

Among those is an overhaul of the game's Paths system that will now let you better personalize your playthroughs, and the new Travel Posts serving as fast-travel hubs for your mercenaries. We also get a heap of new camp gear and some balance adjustments.

And this here trailer:

Here are the patch notes:

Attention mercenaries!

The fifth Community Update is here! As usual, the update is based primarily on some of the most prevelant and popular community requests we've been receiving over the last few months, massively changing multiple aspects of the game.

You can watch our Community Update spotlight video to find out what some of the major changes are if you don't have the time to read through the full patchnotes!

Revamped Paths

Until now, Paths were used as a narrative and gameplay backdrop. This system progressed passively on its own, without interacting with the player and lacked the incentives to invest time in it. Originally, we wanted Paths to cater to the player's wishes and ideals by unlocking new features and themed bonuses based on their gameplay. Unfortunately, we do not believe that its previous form met this objective; the feature as a whole wasn’t prominent enough and its impact was negligible. Changes had to be made and we are happy to introduce you to the revamped Paths system.

The 4 Paths are now based on a single system

  • Power and Glory
  • Trade and Craftsmanship
  • Crime and Chaos
  • Mysteries and Wisdom
  • The progression of the 4 Paths is now fully based on challenges: there are 4 Tiers representing, more or less advanced, challenges that can be completed several times. The challenges, unlocked as you progress through the Path, can be completed, even if they haven’t been revealed yet (in which case they will be revealed upon completion).
  • Each challenge grants a certain amount of Path XP. The more challenging, the more XP you’ll earn!
  • Do not worry, players who have already completed previous Path challenges will automatically receive Path XP when this update launches.
Path Levels
  • After earning a certain amount of Path XP, you reach the next Path level and gain 1 Path Point, which are to be spent on Path Bonuses.
  • Path Bonuses are unique to each Path.
  • Some Path levels also unlock special bonuses such as new Resolutions (more on this later on), Skill Upgrades, Black Market and more.
  • There are 8 bonuses per Path and more will come in the future!
Travel Posts

The world of Wartales grows with each new update, and we received a lot of player feedback on the (extensive) time needed to return to regions previously visited. To counter this, we have implemented a themed Fast Travel system included in the troop management mechanics: the Travel Posts.


Reaching level 4 of Trade and Craftsmanship unlocks Travel Posts. The construction cost, in Krowns, depends on the location: Stromkapp, Cortia, Marheim, Garussa Clan and Gosenberg City.


Fast Travel between 2 Travel Posts

  • Fast travel costs a certain amount of Food, equal to the amount that would be consumed during a regular trip.
  • You will also have to pay a tax for each Trading good(s) you have in your Inventory.
Trading Post Chest
  • We have added unlimited storage in Wartales! You can now store as many items as you want in your Travel post chest.
  • You can retrieve items stored in another Trading Post in exchange for krowns.
  • You can now retire (leave) Companions in a Travel Post and you no longer need to feed or pay them
  • You can repatriate your Companions from one Trading Post to another in exchange for krowns.
New Camp Gear


What would a troop of mercenaries be without its banner waving in the wind?


  • You can customise your troop’s banner: choose your colours, your shape, your icon!
  • You can also assign a lieutenant to the banner and they will proudly carry it on the world map
  • More options will come in the future!

Since the beginning of Wartales, you have accumulated Influence, bargained in taverns and convinced people (sometimes by force :) ) to do what you want. Now, you will be able to take Resolutions for your troop by spending some Influence, giving strong, temporary, bonuses.

  • Once you get the Banner, you will have 4 starting Resolutions and more will be unlocked.
  • Several Resolutions can be enabled at the same time but the cost will increase.
  • Resolutions last until the next Rest, so think about when you use them, as they will make an incredible difference.
Upgradeable Camp Gear

We wanted you to feel at home in your camp. While we are satisfied with the little housing flavor it adds to your journey, we wanted to push it further by adding a brand new upgrading system. By spending resources, you can increase or add new effects to your gear.



  • Ponies have lost part of their Carrying Capacity (-5). The new camping gear “Pony Hitching Post” can be used to restore their Carrying Capacity.

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Master of Magic Remake: Through the Myrror Deep Dive - New Race (2024)


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