Research Guides: Experts@Minnesota: Editing your profile in Experts@Minnesota (2024)

Logging into Experts@Minnesota

Experts@Minnesota is built on a platform called Pure. To log into your Experts@Minnesota profile:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and clickLog in to Pure
  3. If prompted, log in with your Internet ID and password. This will bring you to your personal overview page.

Adding content to your profile

Once you are logged into Pure, customize your profile by clicking the Edit Profile button located under your name and position description. If you edit your profile, remember to scroll to the bottom of the window and click Saveto save the changes. Note that you may not see the changes to Pure on the Experts@Minnesota website immediately.

You can add this information and more:

  • Your photo. A professional-looking photo helps your page stand out, and unifies your online presence. Unless your college or department has specific requirements, we recommend you use the same photo here as you use on other online profiles such as LinkedIn and Google Scholar.
    • In the Profile photossection,click Add file
    • Drag a file into the pop up box that appears or clickBrowse to upload an image
    • Click Create

  • ORCID iD. Used consistently, an ORCID iD makes it easy to keep your research record separate from others with similar names. If you authorize your ORCID iD in Pure, any new publications added to Experts@Minnesota are automatically sent to your ORCID profile, saving you time and effort. If your ORCID profile is more complete than your Experts@Minnesota profile, you can import from your ORCID profile to Pure.
    • In theORCIDsection, clickCreate or Connect your ORCIDID
    • Read the information about what Pure will send to ORCID
    • ClickProceed
    • If you don't have an ORCID iD yet, create one. Otherwise, clickSign Into access your ORCID account.
    • ClickAuthorizeto approve the connection between Pure and ORCID
    • Additional step-by-step instructions:
  • Name variants. If the University knows you by one name but you've published under others, or are more commonly known by a nickname, you can add a name variant. Name variants aren't displayed on your profile, but if someone searches for you using one of the name variants, they will find your profile.
    • In theName Variantsection clickAdd name variant
    • Choose a Type from the drop down list
    • Type the name you want to add

If you want to change the name shown at the top of your profile, you'll need to change the Preferred Name on your University record. You can do that from the My Info tab at

  • Pronouns. For those who choose to include personal pronouns, they can be displayed on your profile following your title. This practice helps to minimize misgendering and is an important strategy towards inclusivity.
    • In theTitlesection clickAdd title
    • Choose Pronouns from the drop down list
    • Type them as you'd like them displayed. If you'd like them to appear within parenthesis, you must include the parenthesis here. ex:(they/them/theirs)
    • ClickCreateand then click Saveto finish
  • Research interests. Adding research interests or other additional information to your profile lets you highlight your work beyond the publications, activities, and grants shown on your profile. It also provides search engines with more data so people will find you when they are interested in your work but don't know your name (yet!).
    • In theCurriculum and research description section click Add profile information
    • From the drop down menu under type select Research Interests (orProfessional Informationor another appropriate category)
    • Type your text in the provided text box
    • ClickCreateto save the text to our profile
  • Research Interests keywordsare especially useful when someone is searching for people like you in Experts@Minnesota, Google, or any other web search tool. Experts@Minnesota does include an automatically generated "fingerprint" based on text analysis of titles and abstracts. But the words it chooses aren't always the words a person searching for profiles like yours would use.
    • In theKeywordssection, look for Research Interests
    • Type individual words or short phrases you would like to be included in your profile in the provided text boxes
    • Use words that describe your work, but try to be consistent with the terms researchers in your field use

These are the fields people edit most often, but you can make other changes to your profile as well. Feel free to experiment, and contact us at if you have questions.

Affiliations in Experts@Minnesota

Most of the "Affiliation" information in your Experts@Minnesota profile comes from the University's Human Resources system, PeopleSoft. Experts@Minnesota is synchronized daily with PeopleSoft. If you're not seeing a new title or departmental affiliation within two days after it takes effect, contact us at and we will investigate.

Only information stored in PeopleSoft comes into Experts@Minnesota automatically. Experts@Minnesota translates organization names and job code descriptions to make them more readable to anon-University audience (e.g.,Admin Consultant/Analyst 2 becomes Consultant/Analyst). You may see other affiliations to organizations such as research centers. Unless you are paid by the center, these are typically added at the center's request. You can choose to hide any affiliation if you'd prefer not to see it listed on your profile. To hide an affiliation, edit your profile as described above and use the navigation menu on the left side so select Portal Profile. You will see a list of all your active affiliations. Use the check boxes to select which you'd like to see on your public profile.

Although you can't edit the job titles we get from the HR system, you can add one or more titles in the main Profile editing screen (Metadata on the navigation menu). Titles you add here will be visible on your public profile, above any affiliations.

Still have questions?

Visit Adding publications and other research activities to Experts@Minnesota for information on adding research outputs to expertsand Using Experts@Minnesota to see the different ways to use the information of Experts.

If you are having any issues or have any further questions please email us at and a member of our support team will contact you to provide assistance. Additionally, the University Libraries are happy to bring informational sessions on these tools to your college or department. Please contact the Experts@Minnesota staff at to make arrangements.

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Last Updated: Apr 25, 2023 11:21 AM

Research Guides: Experts@Minnesota: Editing your profile in Experts@Minnesota (2024)


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