Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024: The Best Vow Renewal Packages (2024)

This Valentine's Day, hotels around the world are elevating the romantic experience by offering unique vow renewal packages. These innovative offerings are a fresh take on the traditional Valentine's celebration, allowing couples to reaffirm their commitment in new and memorable ways.

The trend reflects a growing desire among couples to mark significant milestones in their relationship with experiences that are both meaningful and out of the ordinary. Hotels are responding by crafting vow renewal experiences that go beyond the standard fare, focusing on creating moments tailored to each couple's interests and stories.

While the specific details of these packages vary from hotel to hotel, the common thread is their emphasis on personalization and creativity. The experiences are designed to offer something more than just a romantic setting, incorporating elements that reflect the personalities and shared history of the couples.

Here 10 hotel vow renewal packages to rekindle your romance this Valentine’s Day.

Couples Renew Ritual at Andaz Mexico City Condesa

In the vibrant heart of Mexico City, Andaz Mexico City Condesa offers an intimate and romantic setting for Valentine's Day, complete with exclusive experiences and a 20% discount on standard rates. Couples can explore the art of chocolate making at Derba Matcha Cafe, guided by expert chocolatiers, with prices starting at $110 per person. For an exhilarating twist, a DJ Masterclass at Cabuya Rooftop combines the fundamentals of electronic music with breathtaking city views and includes three signature co*cktails, from $210 per person. To deepen the romantic experience, Pasana Spa and Wellness presents special packages like the “Couples Renew Ritual,” an 80-minute candlelit massage with sparkling wine, priced at $232 per couple.


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Once Upon A Time In Punta Mita Package At The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita

The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, has the "Once Upon A Time in Punta Mita" package, designed to blend the enchanting elements of Mexican culture into a vow renewal ceremony. Opting for this package, couples will receive the expertise of the resort's team in crafting an ideal Punta Mita wedding experience, highlighted by a traditional Lasso Ceremony. The package enriches the experience with round-trip airport transportation and a choice of one experience like a couples massage, dinner under the stars, turtle release, or tequila blending. It also includes a complimentary bottle of tequila, a personal photographer for up to four hours, and traditional Mexican music with either Mariachi or a Mexican Trio. Additionally, couples will benefit from a $1,000 décor credit, a floral consultation, a three-tier wedding cake adorned with Mexican flowers, and a four-hour videography package. This package is offered starting at $10,000 for up to 40 guests.

Vow Renewal Package At L’Auberge de Sedona

L’Auberge de Sedona, situated on the banks of Oak Creek in the iconic Red Rock region, presents the perfect idyllic romantic getaway. As the resort celebrates its 40th Anniversary in May, it's a particularly special time for couples celebrating their own romantic milestones. They offer a Vow Renewal Package with a private ceremony, dinner, fresh personal flowers, and a luxurious tablescape. For relaxation, L'Apothecary Spa provides a heart-opening Infinite Love Massage or Couple's Massage. Additionally, guests can enjoy stargazing to enhance intimacy and connection.

Group Vow Renewal At Club Wyndham Royal Garden at Waikiki

Reignite your romance with a trip to Club Wyndham Royal Garden at Waikiki , immersing yourselves in the beauty of Honolulu. Nestled along the Ala Wai canal, this European-style resort is ideally located just minutes from Waikiki Beach, the iconic Diamond Head crater, and prime spots for swimming and snorkeling. Celebrating Valentine's Day, the resort offers a unique complimentary group vow renewal ceremony for married couples, which includes a vow renewal certificate, handmade leis, and hula dancing. Adding to the romantic atmosphere, couples can enjoy a special private chef experience at a discounted rate through Club Wyndham's partnership with Take a Chef. Here, a meal of your choice will be exquisitely prepared in the privacy of your suite. Room rates begin at $219 per night, setting the stage for a memorable and love-filled vacation.

Intimate Wedding Package At Glenapp Castle In Scotland

Vow renewal at a castle? Say less. Glenapp Castle's Intimate Wedding Package includes a three-night stay in a luxurious Master Suite, with the ceremony in the castle's elegant library or the breathtaking castle grounds. Guests will enjoy daily full Scottish breakfasts, with the option of breakfast in bed after the wedding, and a three-course gourmet dinner on the first and last evenings. The package also features a rose petal turndown on the wedding night, post-ceremony champagne and canapés, and a six-course gourmet wedding meal accompanied by a half bottle of fine wine. A traditional Piper and two castle witnesses are provided for the ceremony. Priced at approximately $4,988, this exclusive three-night package at Glenapp Castle offers an unforgettable experience.

Vow Renewal package at a Mandarin Oriental, Canouan

Planning to renew your vows? Consider the Vow Renewal package at a Mandarin Oriental, Canouan, for a celebration that truly honors your journey together. It's not just about the ceremony, which a non-denominational civil officiant will lead, but also about the little details that make the day unique. Imagine the bride holding a custom bouquet and the groom with a tropical boutonniere, adding just the right touch of elegance. But there's more. How about dining under the stars for that extra bit of romance? This package includes a private dining experience that's sure to be memorable. And to make your wedding night even more special, a thoughtfully chosen amenity is waiting for you. Don't worry about the logistics; a Mandarin Oriental Canouan wedding specialist will handle every detail, ensuring your day is as seamless as beautiful. Plus, the round-trip airport concierge services in Canouan and Barbados mean you'll have a hassle-free journey to and from the venue. And let's not forget the Signature Canouan Cake Dance – it's not just a tradition; it's an experience that adds a unique flair to your celebration.

Sherehe Wedding Package At Four Seasons Safari Lodge

The Four Seasons Safari Lodge has the Sherehe wedding package for a vow renewal for those wild at heart. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Serengeti wilderness, the ceremony offers a unique experience with local Maasai tribe members overseeing the event and performing a symbolic tribal dance, marking the beginning of a new chapter in life. Following the ceremony, celebrate with a bush dinner atop a kopje, a quaint, rocky hill typical of the Serengeti landscape. This package is rounded off with a host of extras, including a wedding cake, a bridal bouquet, a 90-minute spa treatment to relax and rejuvenate, champagne to toast the occasion, and more, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience in the wild.

Dreams Ever After Vow Renewal Package At Hyatt Inclusive Collection

The Dreams Ever After Vow Renewal Package offers couples a romantic way to reaffirm their commitment this year. This package, valued at $499, is complimentary when booking at least five nights in the required room category or higher at participating resorts. It includes various features to make the occasion special: wedding organization and personal coordination, a vow renewal ceremony, corsages or boutonnieres, a sparkling wine toast, a certificate of renewed vows, and dining arrangements on the evening of the ceremony. Additionally, the package enhances the stay with a welcome letter, fresh fruit, a bottle of sparkling wine, a special turndown service, breakfast in bed with mimosas, and a 15% discount on spa treatments. This offer provides a memorable and intimate experience for couples looking to celebrate their love anew.

ReTie the Knot Package At Sandals Resorts

Looking to renew your vows in style? The ReTie the Knot package offers an idyllic way to do just that at just $400 for up to 10 guests. Before you even arrive, you'll get planning support, a gift registry, and a website template. Once there, enjoy the ease of on-site coordination, a 15% spa discount, a special photo print, and a unique keepsake gift. The ceremony itself is set in a picturesque location with lovely music, a beautiful orchid bouquet and boutonniere, and a keepsake certificate. Then, celebrate with a private co*cktail reception with delicious hors d'oeuvres, a fondant cake, and a honeymoon dinner with sparkling wine. Plus, for your next anniversary, there's a bonus night free with a 7-night stay.

Everlasting and True Love Vow Renewal Package At Coconut Bay Beach Resort In St. Lucia

Renew your vows in the tropical paradise of Saint Lucia with Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa's Everlasting and True Love Vow Renewal Packages. The Everlasting package, at $799 or complimentary for up to 4 guests, includes an oceanfront gazebo ceremony, bridal accessories, a wedding cake with sparkling wine, and a variety of romantic extras like a beach picnic and private dinners, along with a 10% spa discount. For a more lavish celebration, the True Love package, at $1,499 for up to 10 guests, offers enhanced features such as a 2-tier cake, a private dinner reception, a full-day island tour, and romantic turndown services. Both packages provide a memorable and intimate way to say "I do" again amidst the stunning beauty of the Caribbean.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024: The Best Vow Renewal Packages (2024)


What to get for Valentine's 2024? ›

107 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts To Give In 2024
  • A stuffed waffle maker that'll make all of their brunch dreams come true — fill 'em with cream cheese, strawberries, chicken, or anything else their heart desires! ...
  • A delicate initial necklace for anyone who prefers simple jewelry they can wear every day.
Feb 1, 2024

Do you buy a gift for a vow renewal? ›

Vow renewals are a touching way for couples to honor their commitment to each other and are a beautiful opportunity to toast to many more happy years together. While giving gifts for a vow renewal isn't a requirement, there are lots of reasons why you may want to treat the happy couple to something special.

What should I get my wife for Valentine's Day? ›

You might opt for stylish accessories she's been eyeing like a designer handbag or cherished piece of jewelry. Or you could upgrade her tech gadgets with a smartwatch or home decor must-have. Pampering gifts such as luxury skincare and decadent silk pajamas never go amiss either.

What is the most popular gift given for Valentine's Day? ›

1. Valentine's Day cards. Although cards are usually given in combination with other gifts like flowers or chocolates, more than 52% of consumers will present their loved ones with a Valentine's Day card. You can score some extra points by personalizing your card with a photo or heartfelt poem.

What is the etiquette for vow renewal gifts? ›

Gifts are considered strictly optional as the primary purpose of the ceremony is to celebrate the enduring love between partners. Despite this, some guests may still feel inclined to bring a token of appreciation, especially if the vow renewal coincides with a significant anniversary.

What is the proper etiquette for vow renewal? ›

Vow renewal etiquette has only one cardinal rule: Gifts from your guests are not to be solicited or expected. You can, however, present each other with new or upgraded wedding rings.

What do you give for a renewal of vows? ›

You're not expected to bring a gift.

A husband and wife married even for a few years have already established their home and don't need anything, which means vow renewal gifts aren't necessary or expected. Some couples even push a no-gifts agenda by printing "no gifts, please" right on the invitation.

What does a husband want for Valentines Day? ›

On the list of things guys want for Valentine's Day, intimate alone time with you is at the top. Make it special by turning up the romance more than normal or trying something new. Book a hotel room for the night or turn up the heat with a few toys; he'll be thrilled.

What do wives do for husbands on Valentine's Day? ›

One of the impactful Valentine's Day ideas for married couples is to pick an activity of your and your partner's choice specifically. You can watch a romantic movie, go for a picnic, a short romantic getaway, or have dinner at a fancy restaurant every year.

What kind of gifts are given on Valentines Day? ›

Here are popular items Americans give to friends or lovers on Valentine's Day:
  • Greeting cards. The exchange of written notes on Valentine's Day began in the 15th century, with handmade valentine cards appearing in the 1700s. ...
  • Flowers. ...
  • Conversation hearts. ...
  • Chocolate. ...
  • Postage stamps.
Feb 13, 2023

What is a normal Valentine's Day gift? ›

It's the day of love – an amorous anniversary to show your loved one or love hopeful your true feelings by giving an affectionate gift – cards, chocolates, flowers and jewelry.

When was valentines day 2024? ›

It emphasises the importance of cherishing and celebrating love in all its forms, including romantic love, friendships, and self-love. Valentine's Day 2024: Valentine's Day, celebrated annually on February 14th, is a joyous occasion dedicated to love, romance, and heartfelt connections.

How do I choose my Valentine's Day gift? ›

Choosing Valentine's Day Gifts For Everyone
  1. Make a list of their interests. ...
  2. Look to the past. ...
  3. Ask yourself what that person needs, and put together a care package. ...
  4. Make them laugh. ...
  5. Opt for an experience rather than physical item. ...
  6. Include a little bit of yourself.


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