Verizon Headquarters and Other office locations In 2024 (2024)

Verizon Communications is an American multinational telecommunication company that is incorporated in Delaware but has headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Verizon Communications locations are expanded all over the USA.

It is a large public company and is a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a stock market index of 30 very large and prominent public companies of the US. Verizon Communications is known for its large-scale marketing campaigns and its corporate social responsibility programs, both of which have helped the company maintain a positive image among its customers.

Verizon Communications on Map

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General information

HQ:1095 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, New York, U.S.
ZIP codes:10036
Traded as:NYSE: VZ and Nasdaq: VZ
Industry:Telecommunications and Mass media
Founded:October 7, 1983
Products:Cable television, Landline, Mobile phone, Broadband, Digital television, IPTV, Digital Media, Internet and Telematics
Business data:Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

Where is Verizon Communications headquarters located?

Verizon Communications’ headquarters are located in 1095 Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, although the company is headquartered in Delaware. There are also 148 Verizon Communications locations in 14 countries across the globe.

How do I contact Verizon Communications corporate?

Verizon has provided two numbers to contact them on their official site, which are listed below:

  • 1-212-395-1000
  • 1-908-559-2001

Does Verizon Communications have chat support?

Yes, Verizon Communications provide customer support on its official site. The link for the page with the customer support services available is given below:

How can I talk to a real person Verizon?

Verizon provides in-person support on its official site, but when a person is available on their side. The link to the page where the in-person support of the company can be received by anyone is given below:

What is Verizon Communications Inc.?

Verizon Communications is an American conglomerate company that provides communication services to its customers. Verizon communication locations are present all across the US.

It is one of the largest, most subscribed, and most trusted brands in its sector. The company has managed to distinguish itself and its products and services from its competitors and acquire a huge customer base that regularly used its products and contributed to the huge revenue of the company.

Company History

Verizon Communications has its origin in the Bell companies that resulted from the breaking of into smaller parts. One of the smaller parts that resulted from this breaking down of AT&T into smaller companies was called Bell Atlantic. It operated in the Northwestern part of the US, including states such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and others.

Verizon Headquarters and Other office locations In 2024 (5)

Bell Atlantic merged with GTE, another telecommunications company, and the name was rebranded to Verizon Communications in 2002. The name Verizon is derived from two words: one Latin and the other one English. The Latin word was “Veritas,” meaning “truth or honesty,” and the other word “Horizon,” meaning the imagined place where the sky and the earth merge into each other or, in simple words, infinity. So its name essentially meant infinite honesty and truthfulness for its customers.

Verizon managed to become the largest local telephone service providing company in the US. The company had earlier become a public one listing on the NYSE, and its IPO had been a success. Verizon continued to add new features to its products and services throughout the years and thus managed to beat its competitors out of the market.

In recent years, the company acquired AOL and Yahoo! in the pursuit to expand its subsidiary portfolio but later sold both to Apollo group. Currently, the company is expanding at a good rate and has even managed to survive through the coronavirus pandemic without any serious losses.

Company Profile

Verizon Communications is an American multinational communication company that provides some products and services to its customers, including cable services, internet services, among others. Recently, the company has started expanding its product portfolio into numerous items that would help it diversify its portfolio and adapt to the changes in the market.

The company is one of the leading and most trusted brands when it comes to telecommunication services, and the primary reason for that is the company’s high-tier positioning and marketing of its products.

Verizon has a long history of mergers and acquisitions as it originated from the corporate fragments of the famous telecommunications company and is now acquiring other companies at a fast rate to diversify its subsidiary portfolio. If the company becomes successful in doing so, it will be able to manage its position in the telecommunications sector.

Verizon Communications CEO and key executive team

Hans VestbergChairman and Chief Executive Officer
Executive VP and Group CEO—Verizon Consumer
Ronan DunneExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Tami ErwinExecutive Vice President and CEO—Verizon Business
James J. GeraceExecutive Vice President and CEO—Verizon Business

Top 5 biggest Verizon Communication competitors or Alternative

Verizon Headquarters and Other office locations In 2024 (6)

1. AT&T

is an American multinational holding company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that specializes in providing telecommunication services to its customers. Its product and services come in a wide range. The company is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue and one of the Big 4 telecommunication companies in the US.

The company was the predecessor of Verizon Communications before Verizon separated from it in the 1970s. It is a large company with a huge customer base and can be considered a worthy competitor to Verizon Communication.

2. Lumen Technologies

Lumen Technologies is an American telecommunications company and are headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, that specializes in telecommunications services. The company provides a wide number of products and services, including cloud services, networking services, and internet and phone services. It has been a member of the S&P 500 and is one of the largest companies in its sector.

As the company provides services similar to Verizon Communications, it can be considered a competitor to it but is a bit smaller than Verizon, so it is not that big of a problem for it.

3. Altice USA

Altice USA is an American telecommunication company headquartered in New York City that provides cable television services and internet services, among others, to its customers. The company is relatively small compared to other companies on the list. It is a publicly traded company and is listed on the New York stock exchange with the ticker symbol ATUS.

As the company’s business model offers somehow similar services to Verizon communication, it is one of the competitors to it. But again, Verizon is a large company with better prospects.

4. Frontier Communications

Frontier is an American telecommunication services prover based in the USA. It is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. The company provides telephone services, internet access, digital phone services, and fiber-optic cand cable services, among others, to its customers.

The company, although it is in direct competition with Verizon Communications but cannot be considered a worthy competitor to it because of its deteriorating financial conditions. Also, the company is quite small in terms of revenue compared to Verizon Communication, so it is not likely that it will give tough competition to Verizon.

5. Comcast

Comcast Corporation is an American telecommunication services provider and is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company has a large portfolio consisting of products and services ranging from tv cable services to venture capital services.

Comcast has a huge revenue and is one of the largest companies in terms of it in the US. It is the second-largest broadcasting and cable tv company in the whole world by revenue, with the first being AT&T.

As the company is large and provides very similar services to Verizon Communication, it can be considered a direct and dangerous competitor to it.


When did Verizon Communications go public?

Verizon Communications went public on July 3rd, 2000, on the New York stock exchange with the ticker symbol VZ. The opening price of Verizon Communications’ stock was $45.53 per share and is currently trading at $51.38, so it can be seen that the company’s stock value has not appreciated much.

Does Verizon Communications pay dividends?

Yes, Verizon Communications pays dividends; it is considered one of the dividend kings of the market. It has a high dividend yield of about 4.99% and paid about $.64 for every quarter in the previous year for its approximately $51 of stock price. This can be considered an excellent dividend yield likely to be in the top tier of the dividend kings of the American stock markets.

Who is the auditor of Verizon Communications?

Ernst & Young LLP is a multinational network of professional services that mainly provides accounting services. It has been the independent contractor for Verizon’s financial statements.

How much does Verizon Communications spend on R&D?

While the exact number of expenses that Verizon Communications spend on research and development are known but it is estimated that the company utilizes premium level research for its products and services, likely on the upper tier of all the communication companies in the US.

What does 228 do for Verizon?

228 is used to program your device and update the PRL list (cell tower addresses) on your device. Users have reported some problems with using 228 on their devices.

228 works for 3G devices only. There is a different method for 4G services involving rebooting the device for updating the PRL and resetting the network connection.

Does Warren Buffett Own Verizon?

Warren Buffett’s conglomerate holding company Berkshire Hathaway has purchased Verizon Communication’s stock. The main reason why Buffet has preferred to have a stake in this company is that Buffet’s investing philosophy is based on value investing. Value investing is identifying the company which delivers superior value but is being considered not so valuable by the investors. So it is essentially buying more for less.

Buffet says about investing in stocks that one should consider a share, not a piece of paper that has a value that is written on it, but a part of a large business whose value is essentially the value of the business itself.

Verizon Communications meets nearly all the requirements of Warren Buffet. It is a financially stable and favored company, has good long-term prospects, and provides a handsome amount of dividends. So, Buffet, through his holding company, has acquired a stake in Verizon Communication Inc.

But the problem why I don’t recommend buying Verizon Communications’ stock arises from the same reason. Although the company is stable, it is not very likely to grow a lot in the future, and this statement can be proved by looking at the growth of the company in recent years.

Even if the company is a good one, its stock does not seem to be providing superior value to its investors apart from the high dividend yield it offers. So, in my opinion, the stock is, at best, a good source of passive income, and investors should keep in consideration that it would not experience any good appraisal in its value in the future.

Final Thoughts:

Verizon Communications is an industry leader when it comes to telecommunications services providing companies. The company is known for its high-tier marketing and branding activities that allowed it to be the most subscribed telecommunication company in the Us.

Verizon communications locations are now spread all over the US, and considering the company’s diversified interests in the upcoming high technology products and services, the future seems very bright for Verizon Communications.

Verizon Headquarters and Other office locations In 2024 (2024)


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