Verizon introduces new customer-first programs and benefits, refreshes the brand (2024)

NEW YORK - Verizon is announcing new programs and benefits that continue to give customers more choices and flexibility, and advance the momentum in the business. Verizon is also refreshing its brand, bringing forward the energy and vibrancy of how people live, work and play, powered by Verizon. The refreshed branding and creative formats will be rolling out across the company’s consumer, business and network footprints.

Verizon is introducing new choices and flexibility for Home Internet customers with the launch of myHome, an extension of its popular myPlan mobile offering, and implementing an always-on guaranteed phone trade-in program for new and existing mobility customers. The company also unveiled Verizon Access, a new platform for all customers that provides exclusive access to the most sought-after events and experiences, including NFL games, music festivals, concerts and more. Verizon Business is also launching an industry-first smartphone management solution that offers business customers more choices and peace of mind for managing their company’s smartphones.

“Verizon is one of the most recognizable brands. By listening to our customers, we continue to significantly evolve our offerings and brand promise to connect people when it matters most on our reliable network,” said Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg. “We never stop pushing the industry forward and delivering more value to all of our customers. This next chapter is a continuation of our journey of service and innovation.”

“Verizon is a strong, trusted brand that plays a critical role in people's lives, but most of what we do is often invisible and behind the scenes. We want to make the invisible, visible,” says Leslie Berland, Verizon Chief Marketing Officer. “The new logo, design system and creative approach pulls inspiration from the company's heritage while infusing the energy, vibrancy, and experience of life powered by everything Verizon offers.”

These bold moves are a continuation of how the company is building for customers’ needs. New offerings and benefits now available to Verizon customers include:

  • myHome: Home internet and entertainment made simple. A year ago, Verizon introduced the industry’s most customizable mobile plan with myPlan, which continues to be upgraded with new exclusive offerings based on customer feedback. Now, all Verizon Home Internet customers can also benefit from choice, flexibility and value with the launch of myHome: a one-stop shop for internet, entertainment and connected home offerings. Choose content perks from top streaming services for just $10/month. That means great value on Netflix & Max (with ads), Disney Bundle (including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+), YouTube Premium, and Walmart+ membership with an included Paramount+ subscription. Get Apple One and Apple Music Family coming later this summer. With fast, reliable home internet coverage, guaranteed pricing for up to 4 years, no hidden fees, no equipment charges and major savings on the entertainment customers love, myHome brings customers the choice, flexibility, value and most of all, simplicity. Learn more about myHome.

  • Our best-yet guaranteed trade-in program: Starting today, Verizon is taking our industry-leading any model, any condition, smartphone trade-in program to the next level, expanding eligibility across all of our myPlan unlimited tiers.1 Cracked screen? Battery that won’t hold a charge? Vintage, but not in a good way? Trade it in and get guaranteed value - no questions asked. Simply put, smartphones from top brands are worth more at Verizon than ever before. And, Verizon is the only carrier making that promise. Learn more about the guaranteed trade-in program.

  • Verizon Access: Verizon is launching a premium access program, with incredible pre-sales, free giveaways, and highly sought-after events – no strings attached, simply for being a Verizon customer. This includes thousands of tickets to concerts and music festivals through pre-sales, ticket giveaways and select seats, kicking off on June 27 with pre-sale access to Jelly Roll’s Beautifully Broken Tour; tickets to Copa America matches; access to every game this NFL season for all 32 teams, including Kickoff in Brazil; passes to red carpet movie premieres; and more. Learn more about Verizon Access.

  • Verizon Business Complete: Verizon Business just introduced an end-to-end smartphone management solution that grants customers peace of mind on everything from shipping and setup to replacement and recycling. This allows customers flexibility on how they procure and provision devices for their business. And Verizon is the only U.S. carrier currently offering it. Read more about Verizon Business Complete.

As customer offerings expand, the brand will begin showing up in a new way for consumers and business customers, both nationally and internationally. The company is introducing a new logo: a red V with a yellow glow, which anchors in the Verizon name - Veritas (truth) and Horizon (the future of possibility). The refreshed design system reflects that energy with new color palettes, photography, and new TV and digital formats that reflect the way people live, work and play. These changes will roll out across marketing, digital properties, including the website and apps, and in retail stores in the coming years. This supports the momentum in the business while staying within current investments.

To announce the brand evolution, the company released a new TV spot that harkens back to its iconic “Can You Hear Me Now?” campaign. The film stars a real Verizon network engineer as the “test man,” and bridges from the company’s roots to how it shows up in people’s lives today. Verizon is also introducing new advertising campaigns for myHome, the best phone trade-in offer, and Spanish-language content partner ViX, where customers can catch all the Copa America matches.

To learn more about today’s announcement, visit For all of Verizon’s new offerings and benefits, visit

1. Guaranteed Trade In Program: Eligible on any Apple, Samsung and Google models, any condition. Trade-in guaranteed value varies by myPlan tier, up to $830 on Ultimate Unlimited with trade-in/promo credit applied over 36 mos; promo credit ends if eligibility req’s are not longer met. For existing customer upgrades, phone must be active for 60 days prior to trade in. Trade-in terms apply.

Verizon introduces new customer-first programs and benefits, refreshes the brand (2024)


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